How to make sure your digital transformation is about winning, not worry and woe

Boston Consulting Group identified six success factors, including an agile approach to all operations and putting digital natives in leadership roles.

The success score is calculated on the basis of the percentage of predetermined targets met and value created, the percentage of targets met and value created on time, the success relative to other transformations, and the success relative to management’s aspirations for sustainable change.

Image: BCG

Business leaders need to adopt agile principles to increase the chances of success for digital transformation projects, according to new research from Boston Consulting Group (BCG). The four authors of “Flipping the Odds of Digital Transformation Success” found that tech is important, but a company’s organizational structure, operating model, processes, and culture are the determining factor in transformational work.

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Four managing directors at BCG used client experience and a global survey of senior

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Marriott International announces partnership with Grab in six Southeast Asian countries – TechCrunch

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the hospitality industry especially hard, and hotels around the world are looking for ways to regain revenue. Today, Marriott International and Grab announced a partnership that will cover the hospitality giant’s dining businesses in six Southeast Asian countries: Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand.

Instead of room bookings, Marriott International deal with Grab focuses on about 600 restaurants and bars at its properties in the six Southeast Asian countries, which will start being added to GrabFood’s on-demand delivery platform in November. A joint announcement from the companies said the deal represents Marriott International’s “first extensive integration with a super app platform in Southeast Asia and Grab’s most comprehensive agreement with a hospitality group to date.”

Marriott International is the world’s largest hotel company. During the second quarter, as the pandemic curtailed travel and in-person events, it reported a loss of $234 million

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The future of IoT: 5 major predictions for 2021

Forrester research predicts big network connectivity chaos, proactive healthcare engagement through wearables and sensors, and smart office initiatives for the return to the office.

Image: iStock/Oakozhan

It remains unclear when offices will reopen, if remote work will become standard, along with other common lifestyle practices that dramatically changed during the coronavirus pandemic. But the factors that necessitated a swift digital transformation and the accompanying machinations were merely coating the surface. Looking at how our work lives will change, Forrester released its Predictions 2021: Internet of Things (IoT) on Wednesday. 

In 2021, according to the Forrester research, market growth will be driven by healthcare, smart offices, location services, remote-asset monitoring, and new networking technologies.

New IoT use cases throughout different environments and geographies are being created from the growing range of networking options, including satellite, cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-Wave, and Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) in the US.

With those

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Streetbees raises $39M in a Series B round as brands race to interrogate Pandemic-hit consumers – TechCrunch

Streetbees started out as an app for consumers to snap pictures of supermarket shelf layouts and get paid. Consumer brands wanted to know if the supermarkets really had put them at eye level or not. Quickly, the startup realized it could interrogate consumers about how they felt about the brands themselves, turning their app into a new way to track consumer attitudes. With the pandemic hitting, brands now need tools like this to find out about consumer attitudes while they are stuck at home.

Today it announces a £30 million Series B round to accelerate its survey platform. It now has 3.5 million consumers capturing emotion and context ‘in the moment’ when they engage with brands on the app, and get paid small amounts to do so. Since the vast majority of decisions are made offline instead of online, Streetbees says it has a unique way to make the offline

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How to type on your screen with Windows 10

There is a built-in on-screen keyboard available in Windows 10, and you can access it with just a simple shortcut key combination.

Image: iStock/Poike

Most of us interact with our Microsoft Windows 10 personal computer using a mouse and keyboard. On PCs with touch displays, the most efficient way to interact with your device is often with your fingers or a stylus. However, there are more, less obvious, ways to interact with your computer.

In a previous article, we discussed the potential benefits of activating the virtual input devices built into Windows 10. But there is actually a more complete built-in on-screen keyboard available in Windows 10 and you can get to it with just a simple shortcut key combination.

This how-to tutorial shows you how to activate and use the built-in Windows 10 on-screen keyboard.

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How to activate the

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“Spooky” ways to use Alexa and Ring this Halloween

From ghost stories to seasonal sound effects, here’s how to turn your smart home into a haunted house this Halloween.

Image: iStock/vasyldolmatov

Halloween is right around the corner and that means many are enjoying scary movies, costumed celebrations, and a little playful mischief for the season. While the coronavirus pandemic may have altered the standard trick-or-treating plans for many, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the Halloween season from the comforts of home. Earlier this month, Amazon released a list of ways to use Amazon devices this Halloween and we’ve detailed some of these tricks and tips below.

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Create a “spooky” story with Alexa

Ghost stories are synonymous with the Halloween season and Alexa has numerous stories prepared for the season. Those so inclined can create their own Halloween story using the Halloween Blueprint. “Spooky Story” offers a fill-in-the-blank template

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