Day: March 25, 2020

How automation is speeding delivery of COVID-19 results to hospitals

Kryon, a robotics process automation provider, helped upload COVID-19 test results from the Israeli Ministry of Health to Maccabi, one of Israel’s biggest healthcare providers, in 48 hours.

As the COVID-19 pandemic is flooding hospitals with new cases––here’s a useful map of when hospitals will hit their limits––many healthcare providers are struggling to ensure that they have up-to-date information on patients who must be treated for the virus. One of the obstacles is the lag time between getting information on those who are infected with COVID-19 into the computer systems.

Automation is coming to the rescue. On Friday, Kryon, a robotics process automation (RPA) provider, helped one of Israel’s largest healthcare providers, Maccabi, install a system in place to automate downloads of COVID-19 test results––straight from the Israeli Ministry of Health into the healthcare system. The previous system, in which dense, data-heavy Excel files were sent to Maccabi two

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Hackers target World Health Organization in attempt to steal passwords

Hacking attempts against the health organization and its partners have jumped as they struggle to battle the coronavirus.

A hacking group hit the World Health Organization earlier this month to try to steal passwords from agency staffers, Reuters reported on Tuesday. The attempt was but one of many as the organization contends with a surge in cyberattacks even as it fights to contain the coronavirus.

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WHO Chief Information Security Officer Flavio Aggio told Reuters that the effort was unsuccessful and that the identity of the hackers was unknown. The attempted hacking was reported to Reuters by Alexander Urbelis, a cybersecurity expert and attorney with Blackstone Law Group, which tracks suspicious internet domain registration activity. Urbelis said he discovered the activity around March 13 when a hacking group that he’d been following turned on a malicious site impersonating the

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Fox Sports to broadcast the full season of NASCAR’s virtual race series – TechCrunch

Esports racing, helped by record-setting viewership, is hitting the big time.

Fox Sports said Tuesday it will broadcast the rest of the eNASCAR Pro Invitational iRacing Series, following Sunday’s virtual race that was watched by 903,000 viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research.

While those numbers are far below the millions of viewers who watch NASCAR’s official races — the last one at Phoenix Raceway reached 4.6 million — it still hit a number of firsts that Fox Sports found notable enough to commit to broadcasting the virtual racing series for the remainder of the season, beginning March 29.

The races will be simulcast on the FOX broadcast network, Fox Sports iRacing and the FOX Sports app. Races will be available in Canada through FOX Sports Racing.

Virtual racing, which lets competitors race using a system that includes a computer, steering wheel and pedals, has been around for years. But it’s

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