Day: May 8, 2020

In a potential big win for renewable energy, Form Energy gets its first grid-scale battery installation – TechCrunch

Form Energy, which is developing what it calls ultra-low-cost, long-duration energy storage for the grid, has signed a contract with the Minnesota-based Great River Energy to develop a 1 megawatt, 150 megawatt hour pilot project.

The second-largest electric utility in the U.S., Great River Energy’s installation in Cambridge, Minn. will be the first commercial deployment of the venture-backed battery technology developer’s long-duration energy storage technology.

From Energy’s battery system is significant for its ability to deliver 1 megawatt of power for 150 hours — a huge leap over the lithium ion batteries currently in use for most grid-scale storage projects. Those battery systems can last for two- to four-hours.

The step change in the duration of energy delivery should allow energy storage projects to replace the peaking power plants that rely on coal and natural gas to smooth demand on the grid.

“Long duration energy storage solutions will play

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Salesforce unveils to help companies safely reopen as pandemic rages on

Salesforce recently launched the new site to help companies safely open their doors and reinvent their day-to-day operational models as the coronavirus continues to spread.

As the coronavirus continues to take its toll on communities and economies around the globe, some states have already started to lift lockdown orders, enabling organizations to reopen for the first time in weeks. This has positioned many leaders in the middle of a rather precarious situation that is balancing public safety alongside a host of major day-to-day operational adjustments during an ongoing global pandemic. To assist, Salesforce recently announced the unveiling of, a set of streamlined solutions to help organizations reopen safely as they adjust their policies and procedures on the fly. Salesforce will be rolling out the full platform over the next few weeks. Some offerings will be released later this month and the full suite of components will be

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