Day: May 12, 2020

Connectivity issues hamper remote learning during COVID-19 crisis

More than 40% of people believe networking troubles during the coronavirus will have an impact on their or a relative’s education, Wilson Electronics’ found.

The coronavirus pandemic has made remote working and learning the norm. Sheltering in place orders and social distancing efforts have forced thousands of companies and schools to move online. While many people enjoy the work/learn from home lifestyle, the new reality isn’t ideal for individuals with internet connectivity issues, a Wilson Electronics report found. 

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Internet connectivity is crucial to successfully working and learning from home. As COVID-19 spread across the world, use of video conferencing solutions and online collaboration tools have skyrocketed. 

With faulty or nonexistent internet connection, workers wouldn’t be able to communicate with coworkers or clients, and students wouldn’t be able to tune into online lessons.   

Nearly 40% of respondents said they noticed

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Southeast Asian lending platform Validus raises $20 million for its Series B+ round – TechCrunch

Small- to medium-sized businesses are one of the most important parts of Southeast Asia’s economy, but many have trouble securing growth capital from traditional financial institutions. Validus wants to fix the financing gap with its peer-to-peer lending platform, which connects accredited lenders with SMEs. The Singapore-based startup announced today that it has raised $20 million for its ongoing Series B+ round.

The funding was co-led by Vertex Growth fund and Kuok Group’s Orion Fund, which is managed by K3 Venture Partners. Returning investors in the round include FMO, the international development bank of the Netherlands; Vertex Ventures Southeast Asia and India; Openspace Ventures; AddVentures; and VinaCapital Ventures.

This brings Validus’ total raised to about $40 million since it was founded in 2015, including a $15.2 million Series B round announced last year.

After getting its capital markets services license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore in December 2017, Validus launched

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Leaders: Now is the time to revisit your IT strategy

A mid-year refresh of your IT strategy is always a great idea, now more than ever.

At too many organizations, the IT strategy, and many other strategic planning documents, end up being “binderware.” Rather than helping set an agenda and provide guidance and measurement to help execute, these grand plans end up relegated to a dusty old shelf (or its digital equivalent), never to be opened or regarded again. 

There’s some benefit to the exercise of putting these documents together and the thought process that goes into creating them, but they’re far more effective when regularly consulted. If nothing else, they force a regular evaluation of whether or not you’ve met the objectives that you created for your organization, and perhaps some difficult considerations, conversations, and adjustments if you haven’t.

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This regular revisiting of your IT strategy is best done quarterly, but recent events

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How virtual reality is changing UPS employee training

Learn how UPS drivers and in-house workers are benefiting from training through virtual reality.

In part four of our five-part series about UPS, TechRepublic’s Karen Roby talked with John Bowers, director of learning technology at UPS, and Rob Papetti, of Network Planning Tools at UPS, to discuss the company’s use of virtual reality (VR). The following is an edited transcript of their conversation, which was conducted in December 2019.

Download the entire series: Inside UPS: The logistics company’s digital transformation is never-ending (free PDF) 

Karen Roby: Virtual reality allows for real-world experiences without danger to employees and the general public. This type of training is especially helpful for logistics companies like UPS, where workers are in fast-paced settings inside the hub and out on the road, behind the wheel.
The brown trucks seen crisscrossing neighborhoods throughout the country are the most visible, well-known members of the UPS fleet. While drivers

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