Day: May 14, 2020

In the age of social distancing, the LA Rams turn to Snap and Madden to unveil new uniforms – TechCrunch

As the U.S. waits for the great reopening of its hallowed national pastimes in an era of pandemic-enforced social distancing, sports teams are increasingly turning to a new wave of digital tools like social media and video games to connect with a new generation of fans.

The Los Angeles Rams are the latest team to embrace the trend, choosing to work with social media giant Snap and EA Sports’ Madden NFL franchise to unveil the new design of their uniforms ahead of the opening of the most high tech stadium in the National Football League later this year.

The team is working with Los Angeles’ own Snap to unveil the uniforms in a custom-created Snapchat augmented reality Lens, featuring the ability to trigger players into action.

The revelation of the uniform in augmented reality, a decision brought about by social distancing measures put in place in California, is a first

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Artificial intelligence can’t yet learn common sense

The quest to make AI as smart as humans is still ongoing. But there are things your company can do to get better results from the technology.

More about artificial intelligence

Machines can learn a lot of things–probably more than you can imagine. But can they learn common sense? David Ferrucci, the builder of IBM’s original Jeopardy!-playing version of Watson, recently discussed his latest AI effort: An attempt to instill common sense knowledge from the everyday world into the automated reasoning that takes place with artificial intelligence (AI). 

At his company, Elemental Cognition, Ferrucci described how his AI team gave an advanced language program the sentence, “Zoey moves her plant to a sunny window. Soon …”. The AI program was tasked to complete the second sentence. 

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A human would likely complete the sentence by saying, “the sun

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