Day: May 19, 2020

With 170M users, Bilibili is the nearest thing China has to Youtube – TechCrunch

Bilibili, a Chinese video streaming website that was once regarded as a haven for youth subculture, has been steadily making its way into the mainstream as users age up and content diversifies. The NASDAQ-traded company recorded a 70% year-over-year growth to reach 172 million monthly active users by the first quarter, placing it in the same rank as video services operated by Tencent and Baidu’s iQiyi.

Daily time spent per user soared to a record of 87 minutes, which is likely linked to the extended stay-at-home order imposed on students during COVID-19.

In the same period, Tencent Video reported 112 million subscribers, while iQiyi commanded 118.9 million, almost all of whom are paying. Bilibili, by contrast, saw only about 8% of its MAU paying.

Bilibili’s growth engine is fundamentally different from the two giants though. While Tencent Video and iQiyi bet on Netflix -style, professionally produced programs, Bilibili relies

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86% of data breaches are conducted for financial gain

Increases in hacking, phishing, and cloud-based attacks have been even more prevalent with the influx of remote work, Verizon found.

Verizon released its 2020 Data Breach Investigations report on Tuesday, outlining the biggest cybersecurity threats hitting the enterprise and providing tips on how to handle the risks. The majority (86%) of data breaches are for financial gain—up from 71% in 2019, the annual report found. 

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“When we started it 13 years ago, [the report] was designed to be a means of sharing information of what we’re seeing out of the field,” said John Loveland, global head of cybersecurity strategy and marketing at Verizon. 

“The first report consisted of an analysis of the specific breaches that Verizon worked on and helped our customers with,” Loveland said. “But it’s become this means of information sharing with the goal around using data to make better

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Boston Children’s Hospital updates site search to make it easier to find a specialist

Kyruus’s Provider Match Smart Search runs on a 20,000 term taxonomy that health systems can customize.

Boston Children’s Hopital is making it easier for patients to find the right specialist by updating its doctor search directory with a modern search engine. Instead of searching on simply location or name, patients will be able to search on insurance status, procedures performed, and appointment availability.

The research hospital is working with Kyruus, a search and scheduling platform that has a  20,000-term clinical taxonomy to describe highly specialized providers’ clinical areas of focus in more detail. This will make it easier for patients to find the right doctor for rare conditions like Diamond Blackfan Anemia, cystic fibrosis, and Fragile X syndrome. 

Graham Gardner, MD, and CEO of Kyruus, founded Kyruus to solve the problem of outdated information about doctors on websites patients use to find a physician. Gardner’s medical training is in internal

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