Day: May 29, 2020

Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz is out – TechCrunch

Magic Leap talked a big game, and few were more responsible for fostering a cult of hype and excitement around its vision of the future than the company’s founder and CEO Rony Abovitz. Today, the CEO announced that the company has indeed secured a new bout of funding, but that the company will be attempting to mount a major turnaround without him at the helm.

According to a memo sent to staff, first obtained by Business Insider, Abovitz will continue on with the company through a transition period but that the company has been “actively recruiting candidates” to replace him.

“We have closed significant new funding and have very positive momentum towards closing key strategic enterprise partnerships,” the staff memo reads. “As the Board and I planned the changes we made and what Magic Leap needs for this next focused phase, it became clear to us that a change

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What Google employees can buy for their home office with that $1,000 allowance

A standing desk, an ergonomic mouse, the perfect office chair. Google is giving its work-from-home employees $1,000 to spend on office gear. Here’s what it will get you.

Google is going to reopen its offices on July 6, CEO Sundar Pichai announced this week. The offices will open at 10% capacity and will slowly ramp up to 30% by September, but some employees will continue to work from home indefinitely. For those employees, the tech giant has generously offered each employee $1,000 to outfit their home offices for an extended stay at home.

Here’s what we think those employees might consider buying to make sure their home office is as comfortable as possible, and to stretch that $1,000 as far as possible. Because a thousand bucks might sound like a lot, but it won’t go far once you start shopping. If you’re buying gear or supplies for your own home

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What business travel will look like in the new normal

Entering an airport, flying, and staying at a hotel will never be the same, observers say.

People have some pretty strong feelings about what the future of travel will look like in the new normal and many think that most of what travelers were used to—like long airport security lines, crowded restaurants, and a chaotic boarding process—will go the way of free peanuts.

“In the blink of an eye, business travel went from a high-status activity to an embarrassment,” wrote Ben Pring, vice president of Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work, in his futuristic report, “After the Virus,” which imagines life in 2025. 

“Business travel, it turned out, was not the engine of commerce we’d thought it was. And those who still hop on a plane to get to a business conference find they’ve got some ‘splaining’ to do.”

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