Day: June 6, 2020

Fast-growing Madison Reed is eyeing men’s hair next; “We’re going to blow the doors off that market” – TechCrunch

Amy Errett’s company, Madison Reed, sells women’s in-home hair coloring products. It may not sound like a glamorous business but, as it turns out, it’s a very durable one, done the right way. Not only has the seven-year-old outfit been slowly chipping away at the dominant personal care giants like L’Oreal that have long controlled what’s currently a $30 billion market, but during one of the most dramatic economic downturns of the past century, it has been attracting new customers.

In fact, Errett — who was previously a VC with Maveron Ventures and has a side hustle as a venture partner with True Ventures — says the 300-person company is seeing revenue in excess of $100 million per year and that it will be profitable in the second half of this year. Presumably, that makes it a likely candidate for an IPO in the not-too-distant future.

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How to create teams and channels in Microsoft Teams

Need to expand the scope of your organization’s Teams setup? Here’s how to create new team areas and additional channels in new and existing teams.

Image: Gerasimov174, Getty Images/iStockphoto

With everyone working remotely, it’s understandable that collaboration software like Microsoft Teams is getting used a lot more than it used to. It’s good that software like Teams is available to help organizations get through the COVID-19 pandemic, but at the same time all that additional time in Teams means chat channels may be getting a bit crowded.

Maybe you want to create a new team for extra-curricular conversations, or want to divide your Teams structure into specific groups for each department—however you want to do it, it’s a snap to create new teams in Teams.

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Along with creating teams, it’s also important to know how to add new channels, which

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The best programming languages to learn in 2020

These are the best programming languages to learn to land a great developer job and to earn more money. Also, find out developers’ favorite tools, free resources for coders, GitHub guides, and more.

Image: iStockphoto/comzeal

While not every programmer may follow the oft-repeated advice to learn at least one new programming language each year, most developers will continue to build their skills throughout their career. Many programmers find their job requires them to periodically brush up on new programming languages and their dialects, software frameworks, and tools. Knowing what to learn and when can be difficult, particularly when new software frameworks and tools are created every day.

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For an existing programmer, the trigger for learning a new language might be a particular problem that needs solving, the requirement to take over someone else’s code, or just curiosity about a new programming language generating buzz. For beginner

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May US employment rose in hospitality, construction, education, retail, and health services

The May jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) also notes that in contrast, “employment in government has continued to decline sharply.”

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The US unemployment rate declined by 1.4 percentage points to 13.3% in May, and the number of unemployed people fell by 2.1 million to 21 million, according to the May Jobs Report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Non-farm employment increased by 2.5 million in May.

Unemployment rose dramatically in March (job losses of 1.4 million) and April (losses of 20.7 million), due to the coronavirus pandemic and the efforts to contain it.

But since February, the unemployment rate and the number of unemployed rose by 9.8 percentage points and 15.2 million jobs, respectively.

In May, employment continued to decline in government on both a national, state, and local level, following April’s drop. 

One of the hardest hit industries during the

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