Day: June 12, 2020

Spike raises $8 million to make your email look like a chat app – TechCrunch

Asynchronous chat apps like Slack have done their best to kill email, but maybe the key to chat replacing email is just making email look like chat? That’s the idea of Spike, a productivity startup that has built an email app that organizes emails into chat bubbles with an interface that encourages users to keep it short and simple.

Spike’s software began with a focus solely on re-skinning the email experience, but today they’re also launching support for collaborative notes and tasks into their interface as they look to provide a cohesive solution for productivity. The company is fitting an awful lot of functionality into one window, but they hope that streamlining these apps together can leave users spending less time tabbing through separate windows and more time getting stuff done.

“Email is a collection of your tasks, so why should it be separated from where your other tasks

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Cybersecurity pros are working harder than ever during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many tech career fields. Learn how it has impacted cybersecurity professionals, and how to help.

Image: Ridofranz, Getty Images/iStockphoto

Virtually all career fields have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, some in positive ways and others in not-so-positive ways. As a system administrator who now works from home exclusively, I can attest I’ve been far busier than ever before, in part due to my 24×7 availability, in part due to the desire from management to obtain verifiable results from a remote workforce, and in part due to project initiatives intended to keep the organization moving forward in challenging economic times.

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There’s no doubt that this pandemic will impact future security endeavors and cybersecurity professionals should educate themselves on what to expect. But there’s plenty to worry about now. Dark Reading reports that

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