Day: June 16, 2020

China’s BYD nabs $113M to produce IGBTs, the ‘CPU of electric cars’ – TechCrunch

BYD Co., the Chinese auto giant backed by Warren Buffett, is rushing to make China self-sufficient in the production of electric vehicles. On Monday, the firm said in a filing it has secured 800 million yuan ($113 million) in a Series A+ round for its chipmaking arm, BYD Semiconductor.

At stake is the race to make so-called insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT), an integral silicon component in EVs’ power management system that’s at the core of BYD Semiconductor. The electronic switch is dubbed by industry experts the “CPU of an EV” for it reduces power loss and improves reliability. It’s the second-most expensive part of an EV after batteries, accounting for around 7-10% of the total cost according to market research.

BYD is fighting a fierce competition against Germany’s semiconductor giant Infineon Technologies AG, which produced 58% of the IGBTs used in China’s electric cars in 2019. BYD

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Here’s a bootcamp that could help land a $146,000 Linux cloud engineering job

The Linux Foundation is offering a cloud engineer bootcamp that offers a certification in six months for one of the highest-paying jobs in tech.

Image: vladwel, Getty Images/iStockphoto

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages and job losses continue, the Linux Foundation is launching its first cloud engineer bootcamp to train students to fill critical computing roles across a wide range of companies. The online, self-paced, instructor-assisted bootcamp is designed to train students in as little as six months for cloud engineering jobs that offer some of the highest salaries in the IT industry, with median salaries of $146,000.

Included in the Linux Foundation Cloud Engineer Bootcamp are courses on the Essentials of Linux System Administration (LFS201), Linux Networking and Administration (LFS211), Containers Fundamentals (LFS253), DevOps and SRE Fundamentals: Implementing Continuous Delivery (LFS261), and Kubernetes Fundamentals (LFS258). 

Also included are two certification exams students will take to show their skills and

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Is Internet Archive’s unrestricted lending of 1.4 million books legal?

Four publishers have sued the non-profit organisation for making 1.4 billion books freely available for lending.

Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Internet Archive announced last week it would end its program of offering free, unrestricted copies of e-books to readers during the coronavirus pandemic due to being sued by publishers for copyright infringement.

Since March, Internet Archive has made more than 1.4 million books available online without restrictions, meaning that an unlimited amount of people could read one book at the same time, even if Internet Archive only owned one copy of that book. 

The non-profit organisation had planned for the unrestricted lending service, dubbed the National Emergency Library (NEL), to be open through to 30 June 2020, “or the end of the US national emergency, whichever is later”. 

“We moved up our schedule because … four commercial publishers chose to sue Internet Archive during a global pandemic,” Internet Archive wrote.


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