Day: June 17, 2020

Equitable tech: Companies pause facial recognition, but major questions remain

In response to protest calling for police reform around the country, some of the biggest names in tech are taking a closer look at their facial recognition technologies.

Image: iStock/Prostock-Studio

In recent weeks, protests calling for police and criminal justice reform continue to sweep the Untied States. These demonstrations have also spurred conversations surrounding flawed, racially-biased technologies used by law enforcement agencies, namely facial-recognition systems.

In recent years, police forces have developed quite the appetite for facial recognition technology with massive federal databases dedicated to these efforts. It’s been estimated that about one-in-two US adults are logged in one law enforcement facial recognition network, according to a Center on Privacy & Technology at Georgetown Law report.

Now, as calls for institutional reform grow, some of the biggest names in tech including Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft are pulling their facial recognition products from the market outright or banning law

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African payment startup Chipper Cash raises $13.8M Series A – TechCrunch

African cross-border fintech startup Chipper Cash has closed a $13.8 million Series A funding round led by Deciens Capital and plans to hire 30 new staff globally.

The raise caps an event filled run for the San Francisco based payments company, founded two years ago by Ugandan Ham Serunjogi and Ghanaian Maijid Moujaled.

The two came to America for academics, met in Iowa while studying at Grinnell College and ventured out to Silicon Valley for stints in big tech: Facebook for Serunjogi and Flickr and Yahoo! for Moujaled.

The startup call beckoned and after launching Chipper Cash in 2018, the duo convinced 500 Startups and and Liquid 2 Ventures — co-founded by American football legend Joe Montana — to back their company with seed funds.

Two years and $22 million in total capital raised later, Chipper Cash offers its mobile-based, no fee, P2P payment services in seven countries: Ghana, Uganda,

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How to recall a message sent in Microsoft Outlook

You can recall an Outlook message that shouldn’t have been sent. Here are the steps.

Image: fizkes, Getty Images/iStockphoto

It’s inevitable. You send someone an email in Microsoft Outlook. And then you realize for one reason or another that the message has a mistake or that it shouldn’t have been sent at all. You can fix your error after the fact by recalling a message. Using the recall feature under the right conditions, your previous email is deleted without the recipient ever seeing it. You can also send a replacement message with the correct information.

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There are some requirements if the recall feature is to work properly. For your recalled message to be deleted, both you and the recipient must have a Microsoft 365 Business account or Microsoft Exchange email account in the same organization, meaning the same

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Cisco Live 2020: CEO Chuck Robbins pledges “To power an inclusive future for all”

The keynote dives into the current social and economic climate and touches on new Webex and SecureX features.

Image: Screenshot

Cisco unveiled its new company mission statement during the Cisco Live keynote on Tuesday. Hosting the keynote, Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins pledged that he and the organization will work “To power an inclusive future for all.”

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Cisco Live is another major tech conference forced online by the
coronavirus pandemic
. Rather than being hosted in major cities like San Diego, Orlando, FL., or Las Vegas, as it has been in the past, the event moved to the small screen.  

During this era of uncertainty, Robbins said reimagining apps, securing data, transforming infrastructure, and empowering teams through tech is more important than ever. Some of the tech Robbins is referring to is the

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