Day: June 24, 2020

AI researchers condemn predictive crime software, citing racial bias and flawed methods – TechCrunch

A collective of more than 1,000 researchers, academics and experts in artificial intelligence are speaking out against soon-to-be-published research claims to use neural networks to “predict criminality.” At the time of writing, more than 50 employees working on AI at companies like Facebook, Google and Microsoft had signed on to an open letter opposing the research and imploring its publisher to reconsider.

The controversial research is set to be highlighted in an upcoming book series by Springer, the publisher of Nature. Its authors make the alarming claim that their automated facial recognition software can predict if a person will become a criminal, citing the utility of such work in law enforcement applications for predictive policing.

“By automating the identification of potential threats without bias, our aim is to produce tools for crime prevention, law enforcement, and military applications that are less impacted by implicit biases and emotional responses,” Harrisburg

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COVID-19 has become a powerful catalyst for rapid cloud migration

87% of global IT decision makers agree the COVID-19 pandemic will push organizations to accelerate cloud migrations, according to LogicMonitor’s Cloud 2025 new study.

Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The post-pandemic world is a cloud-first world. The future of cloud workloads continues to be directly affected by the coronavirus pandemic, according to IT decision makers from North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. LogicMonitor’s study Cloud 2025: The future of workloads in a cloud-first, post-COVID-19 world, conducted from May to June of this year, noted that while “the full picture is still evolving,” COVID-19 “has become a powerful catalyst for cloud migration.” 

LogicMonitor wanted to poll experts’ opinions of IT automation, cloud migration, and “business continuity in the face of unexpected crises.”

The report revealed 87% of those IT decision makers cite the coronavirus as the reason cloud migration will be accelerated. Nearly three-quarters of respondents believe that

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HPE moves closer to everything-as-a-service with Ezmeral and expanded GreenLake cloud services

HPE’s new products take into account the current tight financial times with an emphasis on using existing infrastructure and limiting additional costs.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s new software portfolio includes container orchestration and management, artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning(ML)AI/ML and data analytics, cost control, IT automation and AI-driven operations, and security.

Image: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

During the keynote at the HPE Discover Virtual Experience on Tuesday, Hewlett Packard Enterprise CEO Antonio Neri asked John Chambers for advice on how to navigate the business impact of the coronavirus. The former Cisco chairman has perfected the art of adapting after living through six market crises during his career. 

“I’ve seen the movie several times, and the playbook is remarkably repeatable,” Chambers said. “The crisis always lasts longer and goes deeper than you think it will.”

Chambers had this advice:

  1. Don’t hide: Be transparent with and available to employees
  2. Be realistic about the impact
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