Day: July 1, 2020

Cendana Capital, which has been backing seed funds for a decade, has $278 million more to invest – TechCrunch

When in 2010, former VC Michael Kim set out to raise a fund that he would invest in a spate of micro VC managers, the investors to which he turned didn’t get it. Why pay Kim and his firm, Cendana Capital,  a management fee on top of the management fees that the VC managers themselves charge?

Fast forward to today, and Kim has apparently proven to his backers that he’s worth the extra cost. Three years after raising $260 million across a handful of vehicles whose capital he plugged into up-and-coming venture firms, Kim is now revealing a fresh $278 million in capital commitments, including $218 million for Cendana’s fourth flagship fund, and $60 million that it will be managing expressly for the University of Texas endowment.

We talked with Kim last week about how he plans to invest the money, which differs slightly from how he has invested

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Microsoft Word: How to use AutoCorrect to handle unwanted words

Deleting unwanted words can be tedious, even if you use Word’s Find feature. Instead, consider using one of these AutoCorrect methods.

Image: photo5963, Getty Images/iStockphoto

Whether you’re an editor, writer, or you work in an organization that frowns on the use of certain words, you probably run a Find function so you can remove offending words before you consider the Microsoft Word document complete. You could write a macro to highlight them all so you can easily find them, but that’s a lot of work. Word’s AutoCorrect feature can do it much quicker. In this article, I’ll show you how to use AutoCorrect to automatically replace or otherwise identify a forbidden word as you type it, avoiding that final search task altogether.

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AutoCorrect is a Microsoft 365 feature, which means it’s available in other Office apps, not just Word. There are a number of

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You’ve just lost your tech job. Here’s what to do next.

Simply put, losing a job is stressful. To assist, we’ve curated a guide of seven strategies to help people navigate the unemployment process and maximize their time between positions.

IMAGE: iStock/Ridofranz

Months into the coronavirus pandemic, the effects of COVID-19 continue to ripple through communities and economies around the globe. Millions of people are unemployed and many others fear losing their jobs due to economic uncertainty. Filing for unemployment benefits, filling out job applications, and sifting through a seemingly never-ending inbox of automated rejection letters can be exhausting. To assist, we’ve gathered career advice from experts in the industry to help those who are unemployed people navigate this difficult time. From filing for unemployment to innovative approaches to networking, we’ve curated a list of seven tips to empower individuals to make the most of this time.

First things first: Filing for unemployment

In the overarching hierarchy of situational needs, one

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