Day: September 2, 2020

Python programming in the final frontier: Microsoft and NASA release student learning portal

The lessons use space exploration and the challenges of cosmic exploration to teach the fundamentals of programming.

Image: NASA

Over the decades, NASA has inspired generations of computer scientists, astronauts, and others to broaden humankind’s knowledge of the ever-expanding cosmos. In recent years, machine learning, AI, and other technologies have been tapped to assist with a host of operational tasks and procedures ranging from confirming new exoplanets to artificial intelligence (AI) astronaut assistants. To teach the next generation of computer scientists the basics of Python programming, Microsoft recently announced a partnership with NASA to create a series of lessons based on space exploration efforts.

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Python programming in the final frontier

Overall, the project includes three different NASA-inspired lessons. These learning pathways were created by computer scientist and entrepreneur Sarah Guthals to teach programming fundamentals using space exploration challenges and themes. The Introduction

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Indonesian insurtech startup PasarPolis gets $54 million Series B from investors including LeapFrog and SBI – TechCrunch

PasarPolis, the Indonesian-based startup focused on making insurance policies more accessible in Southeast Asia, announced today it has closed a Series B round totaling $54 million. Investors include LeapFrog Investments and SBI Investment, both firms that focus on financial services; AlphaJWC; Intudo Ventures; and Xiaomi.

Gojek’s venture capital arm, Go-Ventures, which participated in PasarPolis’ Series A two years ago, also returned for the new round.

Founded in 2015 by chief executive officer Cleosent Randing and chief operating officer Michael Saputra, PasarPolis operates in Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. The company says the number of insurance policies it issues monthly has grown 80 times since August 2018, when it closed its Series A, and that it now partners with more than 30 insurance providers.

Randing said the the insurance penetration rate in the ASEAN region is currently just 3.6%, and the startup’s goal is to reach people who have never

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2: A cheat sheet

The second generation of Samsung’s foldable smartphone is here. While the 5G device seems to be a better investment than last year’s model, the $1,999 price is still prohibitive for many users.

Image: Samsung

Samsung has announced the second generation of its vertically-folding smartphone line: The Galaxy Z Fold2. Like the groundbreaking model released last year, the Galaxy Z Fold2 is hinged from top to bottom and sports internal and external screens. Compared to last year’s model, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 reportedly has a better screen that’s more scratch resistant, an improved hinge, and 5G connectivity.

While the Galaxy Z Fold 2 does provide a bit of flash for professionals in industries where appearance matters, the skepticism about foldable devices for business use won’t go away with this model.

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How will quantum computing impact your industry?

Take this quick, multiple choice survey and tell us if your company has a use for quantum computing as a service.

Actual quantum computers may be in their infancy, but academia and startups such as D-Wave Systems and 1QBit, as well as enterprise research labs at Google and IBM hope to make this a reality as they race to create the next generation of high-performance computing for business use.

The goal of quantum computing is to provide faster computational solutions to problems now handled by supercomputers. For example, quantum computing may offer solutions to the auto manufacturing and pharmaceuticals industries or to fields like cryptography, artificial intelligence, and many more.

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What quantum computers will–and won’t–be able to do is the focus of an upcoming special report from TechRepublic Premium. We want to hear from you. Take the TechRepublic quantum computing quantum computing survey and

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