Day: September 4, 2020

Tinder’s interactive video event, “Swipe Night,” will launch in international markets this month – TechCrunch

Tinder’s “Swipe Night” is going global. The dating app announced today that its interactive video series will be available in Asia and other international markets starting on September 12, giving users another way to connect as they continue to stay at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As in the United States, where “Swipe Night” first launched last October, the international version of “Swipe Night” will be broadcast on Sundays. For audiences outside the U.S., three consecutive episodes are planned, starting with the first one on Sept. 12 from 10am and midnight, and airing on consecutive Sundays at the same time.

Similar to Netflix’s “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” and other interactive entertainment, “Swipe Night” presents viewers with a “choose-your-own-adventure” narrative, but each of its episodes is only seven-minutes-long and users’ choices are added to their profile, giving them another way to figure out if someone is a good match.


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How project managers can help companies better navigate security risks from COVID-19

Social distancing and remote working during COVID-19 have increased cybersecurity risks for companies worldwide, increasing the need for project managers to work on more security-related efforts.

Image: dj_aof, Getty Images/iStockphoto

Recently, Deloitte announced that it has observed: “a spike in phishing attacks, Malspams, and ransomware attacks as attackers are using COVID-19 as bait to impersonate brands thereby misleading employees and customers.” With cybercriminals around the world capitalizing on this crisis, security gap identification and resolution projects will become a frequent focus for project managers. The good news is project managers often excel under pressure and can be highly valuable assets to information security and internal audit teams.

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Working with internal auditors

Internal auditors have a unique view of organizations for virtually every vantage point. They understand human-, technology-, and process-based risks and typically know all of each business unit’s weaknesses.

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