Day: September 9, 2020

Viral article puts the brakes on China’s food delivery frenzy – TechCrunch

For China’s food delivery workers, life can feel like a constant battle with algorithms, traffic police, and disgruntled customers.

An essay detailing the hazardous work conditions of China’s food delivery drivers went viral on the internet on Tuesday, causing a moment of national reckonings on algorithmic harms to people.

In China’s populated urban hubs, one won’t miss the army of express couriers speeding and honking on their scooters. Their reckless driving, according to the investigative report from China’s People magazine, is largely a result of stringent algorithms that penalize late delivery; what’s more, the machines fail to fully factor in real-life variables like weather and traffic and often put drivers’ lives at risk. Within hours, the story had gained over 100,000 views and was shared widely and discussed on the WeChat messenger.

While food delivery platforms boast increasingly fast delivery thanks to state-of-the-art machine learning, the lofty goals the

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PowerShell: A cheat sheet – TechRepublic

This comprehensive guide covers essential PowerShell information, including features, system requirements, and how Microsoft’s framework extends to task automation and management.

Illustration: Lisa Hornung

PowerShell was developed more than 10 years ago by Microsoft to expand the power of its command line interface (CLI) by coupling it with a management framework that is used to manage local and remote Windows, macOS, and Linux systems. By making use of the Component Object Model (COM), Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), and Common Information Model (CIM) interface standards, PowerShell allows for managed elements of computing objects to be administered independent of the manufacturer or provider.

This cheat sheet will be updated when Microsoft releases new information throughout PowerShell’s development lifecycle.

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Executive summary

  • What is PowerShell? Microsoft’s PowerShell is a management framework that combines a command-line shell and scripting language that is built upon
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