Day: September 12, 2020

DCM has already made nearly $1 billion off its $26 million bet on – TechCrunch

David Chao, the cofounder of the cross-border venture firm DCM, speaks English, Japanese, and Mandarin. But he also knows how to talk to founders.

It’s worth a lot. Consider that DCM should see more than $1 billion from the $26.4 million it invested across 14 years in the cloud-based business-to-business payments company, starting with its A round. Indeed, by the time went public last December, when its shares priced at $22 apiece, DCM’s stake — which was 16% sailing into the IPO — was worth a not-so-small fortune.

Since then, Wall Street’s lust for both digital payments and subscription-based revenue models has driven’s shares to roughly $90 each. Little wonder that in recent weeks, DCM has sold roughly 70 percent of its stake for nearly $900 million. (It still owns 30 percent of its position.)

We talked with Chao earlier today about, on whose board

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As schools reopen, officials reflect on first months of coronavirus device lending programs

School districts across the United States had varying experiences with trying to get devices to every child at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Image: SeventyFour, Getty Images/iStockPhoto

Every teacher and administrator was faced with an unprecedented problem when schools across the country were shut for the year in March to help states deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Most schools were given barely a few weeks to suddenly prepare students, parents, and themselves for remote learning, which is only possible with some kind of device. While hundreds of districts were lucky enough to already have 1:1 device lending programs in place for all their students, others scrambled to order and deliver millions of iPads and Chromebooks just in time for the end of spring break.

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“A lot of districts are building the plane while they’re flying it. Some

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How Talent Path is helping people jumpstart their tech careers

IT staffing firm Talent Path helps job seekers get the skills they need for a tech career by paying them to learn the skills employers are looking for.

Starting a tech career can seem impossible, especially when you don’t have the skills employers are looking for. On the flip side, employers can find it hard to hire people with the skills they need given the rapid pace of change in industry.

During a recent episode of TechRepublic’s Dynamic Developer podcast and video series, I spoke with Kip Wright, CEO of Talent Path and President and CEO of Genuent, about the how his organization is working to bridge this IT skills gap and helping people jumpstart their IT careers by hiring them as full-time employees while they learn the skills needed to fill in-demand IT jobs.

The following is a transcript of the interview, edited for readability.

Bill Detwiler: So,

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How to use Readdle’s Documents app as a file manager for your iPhone or iPad

You can use the Documents by Readdle app to work with files on your device and in the cloud.

Image: Readdle

Apple offers its own Files app as a type of file manager for your iPhone or iPad. The app does let you access local and online files, but it doesn’t provide a wealth of options. If you need a more powerful file manager for your Apple device, you may want to check out the Documents by Readdle app.

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Freely available for iOS and iPadOS, the basic version of Documents acts as a central hub for your files with access to your device’s photo albums and other folders. You can grab files stored in the cloud through such services as OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and SharePoint. You can manage your files by copying, moving, deleting,

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Construction company used IoT platform to cut time and cost from Camp Fire cleanup project

Goodfellow Bros coordinated 500 dump trucks and six hazardous waste dumps to clear debris from California’s Camp Fire.

Image: Metamorworks/Getty Images/iStock

This year’s devastating West Coast fire season continues with no end in sight. Eventually, as with the deadly Camp Fire in California in 2018, clean up will get underway. In that effort, a 100-year-old construction company used a plug-and-play IoT solution to save money and time on the massive project.

Goodfellow Bros. worked with Samsara, an industrial IoT provider, to deploy and track more than 500 trucks hauling debris out of Paradise, CA. The 2018 fire killed 85 people, destroyed almost 19,000 buildings, and caused $16.5 billion in damage. The entire cleanup cost more than $1 billion.

Goodfellow Bros. formed a joint venture with two other construction companies and won the competitive bidding process. Goodfellow Bros. needed to hire contractors to haul away more than 3.6 millions tons

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Raiders, Rams, and Chargers unveil tech-filled NFL stadiums with 5G, Wi-Fi 6, IoT, and more

The newly built stadiums for the three teams are outfitted with dazzling tech features that fans may not see until next year.

SoFi Stadium is the new home of the Los Angeles Rams and Chargers.

Image: Los Angeles Rams

About 16,000 fans were in the building for the first NFL game of the 2020 season last night in Kansas City, but when most teams kick off on Sunday, their stadiums will be empty due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

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Each NFL team is working under different local rules when it comes to allowing fans into stadiums, but the officials behind two of the newest-built stadiums, Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, NV, and the Rams’ SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, are particularly saddened by the inability to have a full house considering the bevy of technology they built into both

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