Day: September 15, 2020

Homage announces strategic partnership with Infocom, one of Japan’s largest healthcare IT providers – TechCrunch

Homage, a Singapore-based caregiving and telehealth company, has taken a major step in its global expansion plan. The startup announced today that it has received strategic investment from Infocom, the Japanese information and communications technology company that runs one of the largest healthcare IT businesses in the country. Infocom’s solutions are used by more than 13,000 healthcare facilities in Japan.

During an interview with TechCrunch that will air as part of Disrupt tomorrow, Homage co-founder and chief executive Gillian Tee said “Japan has one of the most ageing populations in the world, and the problem is that we need to start building infrastructure to enable people to be able to access the kind of care services that they need.” She added that Homage and Infocom’s missions align because the latter is also building a platform for caregivers in Japan, in a bid to help solve the shortage

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Why Percona wants your database to be open source, and not everyone is happy about it

Commentary: Percona runs open source databases as managed services, which makes the company popular with customers but less so with competitors.

Image: iStock/sdecoret

Percona, a company that offers open source databases as managed services, has an ambitious goal: “… anyone, anywhere, should have free access to the software and tools necessary to turn their ideas into a viable business.” The only problem with this high-minded sentiment? The software to which Percona wants to provide “free access” is owned and/or primarily developed by others, who may not like sharing revenue with Percona. 

Indeed, as Percona co-founder and CEO Peter Zaitsev put it in an interview, “We’re in an interesting situation, because for MySQL [Oracle] and MongoDB, we are working to increase the adoption of technology by promoting the technology. But at the same time, we often can be seen as a competitor by the company.” In such a world of

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5G smartphones: A cheat sheet

This comprehensive guide covers plans from leading smartphone vendors as the industry deploys 5G mobile networks and devices that use them.

BeeBright, Getty Images/iStockphoto

Mobile network operators around the world are sprinting to deploy 5G networks to more efficiently serve the increasing number of devices users and businesses are connecting to mobile networks. Though smartphones are already ubiquitous, the increased use of mobile broadband adapters, always-connected computers, and consumer and enterprise IoT devices will require more data than current 4G networks can sustainably supply.

Naturally, smartphone manufacturers are eager to be the first out of the gate with a 5G phone. Because of this, some mobile network operators and smartphone manufacturers may label proprietary or transitional network technologies as being 5G, though these devices will not receive all of the benefits that “true” 5G offers (or, at least, promises). 

TechRepublic’s cheat sheet for 5G smartphones is an overview of smartphones

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