Day: September 17, 2020

Blume Ventures’ Karthik Reddy on Indian startup ecosystem, geo-political tension with China and coronavirus – TechCrunch

Despite the coronavirus outbreak, which has slowed down deal-making across the world, dozens of startups in India have raised considerable amounts in recent months. Unacademy, which raised $110 million in February, closed a new round of $150 million this month.

These large check sizes, and the frequency at which they are being bandied out, were almost unheard of in India just 10 years ago. The list of problems these local startups were solving then was also quite smaller back in the day.

Karthik Reddy has seen this change very closely.

He co-founded venture capital firm Blume Ventures, where he also serves as a partner, 10 years ago. Blume Ventures is the largest Indian venture capital firm. In a wide-ranging interview at Disrupt 2020, Reddy talked about the state of the startup ecosystem in India, some of the challenges it is confronting today and what lies ahead for

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New Zealand’s lessons from second lockdown after being 100 days COVID-free

‘All-weather strategies,’ being agile, and providing experiences that cater to student and employee needs are the lessons of the second lockdown for one New Zealand university.

Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto

At the start of the year, governments around the world were forced to face the tricky dilemma of how best to approach the coronavirus pandemic. Some governments adopted a herd immunity approach while others, like New Zealand, enforced a severe lockdown. 

In late March, New Zealand went into an alert 4 lockdown, which meant civilians had to stay home and keep movements only within local areas. 

Non-essential services and education facilities were also forced to close, and businesses and organisations were forced to enter remote work. Much like the rest of the world, New Zealand organisations had to adapt to their new working conditions. 

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern justified the decision at the time, saying that a lockdown

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5 Apple Watch apps to simplify your workday

If you want to put your Apple Watch to work for you, here are five apps–which include IFTTT and Microsoft PowerPoint–that make it easier to take notes, give presentations, collaborate, and more.

Image: Apple

Since its debut in 2015 the Apple Watch has become an industry leader, greatly surpassing the sales of competing smartwatches. It’s simple to use, provides nice benefits out of the box, and can have its capabilities greatly extended through apps–but the latter aren’t always easy to find.

Fitness features, phone calls, and text messages all work with little user setup, but it’s left to Apple Watch owners to sift through apps for WatchOS from your wrist. As great as the Apple Watch is, it can be hard to find useful apps on so small a screen. If you can’t find it on your wrist, you may have to scour the iOS App Store, where

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