Day: September 19, 2020

Unity Software has strong opening, gaining 31% after pricing above its raised range – TechCrunch

Whoever said you can’t make money playing video games clearly hasn’t taken a look at Unity Software’s stock price.

On its first official day of trading, the company rose more than 31%, opening at $75 per share before closing the day at $68.35. Unity’s share price gains came after last night’s pricing of the company’s stock at $52 per share, well above the range of $44 to $48 which was itself an upward revision of the company’s initial target.

Games like “Pokémon GO” and “Iron Man VR” rely on the company’s software, as do untold numbers of other mobile gaming applications that use the company’s toolkit for support. The company’s customers range from small gaming publishers to large gaming giants like Electronic Arts, Niantic, Ubisoft and Tencent.

Unity’s IPO comes on the heels of other well-received debuts, including Sumo Logic, Snowflake and JFrog .

TechCrunch caught up with Unity’s

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How to copy expressions without changing cell references in Excel

Microsoft Excel updates cell references when you copy an expression. Here are a couple of workarounds for those rare occasions when you don’t want to change the cell references.

Image: AndreyPopov, Getty Images/iStockphoto

Microsoft Excel has a helpful behavior in regard to copying expressions. After entering a row or column of expressions, you can copy them, and Excel will update the cell references according. Otherwise, you’d have to enter all expressions manually and that would be tedious and open to error. However, it’s not uncommon to run up against a situation when you won’t want to update the references. There’s no easy built-in way to do this. In this article, I’ll show you two quick workarounds for copying expressions without updating the cell references.

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I’m using Microsoft 365 on a Window 64-bit system, but this works in older versions. You can

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Stone Pro dock v. StayGo Twelve South hub: Flexibility vs. portability for Mac users

Although Apple doesn’t build its own Mac docking stations or hubs, others fill the gaps. Here’s how to decide which of two popular options—a Henge Docks or Twelve South product—is best for you.

Image: Illustration by Lisa Hornung

Whether you’re working remotely from a home office or at corporate headquarters, if you’re using a Mac, chances are you must connect additional peripherals. The need is particularly true if your Mac is one of the newer laptop models possessing only a pair of USB-C ports, one of which is typically dedicated to the power adapter. A docking station is necessary, but which dock is right for you? The answer, as is so often the case, depends on the accessories you plan to use and how you plan to use the dock.

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Henge Docks Stone Pro

The $239.99 Henge Docks Stone

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What classic software developers need to know about quantum computing

IBM’s Quantum Challenge is designed to help classic software programmers become quantum ready developers.

IBM, Intel, Google, D-Wave and others have made significant advancements in the field of 
Quantum computing

over the past few years, but many hurdles (not all of them technical) exist before the technology can become a practical alternative for businesses. For example, software developers will need to learn new ways of writing programs for quantum computers.

In May this year, IBM hosted its fourth annual Quantum Challenge. The four-day event consisted of four exercises designed to help classic software developers, researchers, and even business users better understand how quantum programming works. Participants were able to use the 18 IBM Quantum systems on the IBM Cloud to complete the exercises and according to IBM during the event the total use of these system “exceeded 1 billion circuits a day.” Over 1,745 people from 45 countries participated

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The top wireless mechanical keyboards for a more tactile typing experience

Mechanical keyboards offer enhanced haptics to standard typing. Here are some of our favorite wireless mechanical keyboards on the market.

In recent decades, mechanical keyboards have waned in popularity with the rise of laptops and more portable membrane options. However, mechanical keyboards have seen a resurgence of sorts in the last few years. Some of the latest mechanical models boast retro styling while touting contemporary keyboard elements such as RGB capabilities, Bluetooth connectivity, and more. With enhanced haptics and an appreciative audible “click,” mechanical keyboards enable a unique input experience during work and play. Below we’ve listed some of the top wireless mechanical keyboards on the market.

Image: Logitech

We tested the Logitech G915 TKL over the course of several days and the model is our pick for the top wireless mechanical keyboard. Less than one-inch thick, the G915 TKL touts a sleek, low-profile design and brushed metal components add

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