Day: October 8, 2020

Tech for Campaigns, created to get Democrats elected, on the parties’ biggest differences – TechCrunch

Yesterday, a 450-page “investigation on competition in digital markets” was published by the House based on 16 months of evidence gathering, including interviews with employees and past employees and others with first-hand knowledge of the inner workings of Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple.

The picture it paints is of companies that have abused their power to enrich themselves in ways previously known and unknown. But House Democrats and Republicans disagree on some of the proposed remedies.

Likely, that doesn’t surprise Jessica Alter, the cofounder of Tech for Campaigns, an organization that was once described as a Democratic Geek Squad owing to its mission to match volunteers from the tech world — engineers, data scientists, product managers, marketing pros — with Democratic campaigns in need of a winning digital strategy.

Alter, who says Tech for Campaigns’s volunteer network now numbers more than 14,000, talked with us late last week about

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Data streaming: The best use cases and why they work

Could IoT sensors, geo-tracking, customer interaction, and other data streaming services help your bottom line? Learn from these successful uses.

Image: iStock/undefined

When your company needs answers from big data in real time, the data is streamed so it can be filtered or sampled, aggregated and correlated—all to bring about a real-time answer to an important business question. “Streaming data is table stakes for the most interesting future use cases,” said Mark Brewer, CEO at Lightbend. “And that’s giving rise to the number of programming languages, frameworks and tools for building and running streaming data-centric applications.” However, streaming data—especially unstructured big data like what comes from Internet of Things (IoT) devices—can require knowledge of sophisticated processing architectures and investments in tools as well.

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This is why real-time data streaming of big data like IoT,

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Verizon Business and Cisco to bring 5G-powered experiences to stadiums

They’ll address venues’ challenges and provide new capabilities for in-person events, including leveraging analytics for wait-lines, contactless payments and identifying crowd density.

Image: Jim Mahoney/New England Patriots

One of the most significant non-medical consequences of the COVID-19 crisis–and the required masks and social distancing–is the shut-down of event venues, and subsequently, of course, the actual events. Concerts and sporting events feature expensive tickets that bring artists and athletes considerable coin, but draw fervent–often shouting–crowds, turning the venue into a petri-dish of potential spread of the coronavirus. The much-anticipated Tokyo 2020 Olympics have been postponed to 2021, as have many others, although The World Athletics Championships, scheduled for 2021, have been pushed to 2022. 

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The response to this economical loss and enthusiastic, often traditional crowd camaraderie has been less than ideal. Concerts and sporting events worldwide–even those that have already returned–have been audience-less and

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Tech or treat: 7 Halloween products to add a little fright and safety to the holiday

From classic ghastly holiday decorations to Halloween accessories with COVID-19 in mind, here are seven products to consider as we head toward Oct. 31.

The summer has turned to autumn and Halloween is right around the corner. However, amid the coronavirus pandemic, many people are integrating unique twists on traditional Halloween celebrations to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 while still participating in the holiday. To assist, we’ve curated around a roundup of Halloween products and decoration ideas including a few additions with COVID-19 in mind. From remote controlled jack-o’-lantern lighting and video doorbell cameras to socially distanced Halloween celebration ideas, here are seven products to keep in mind as the holiday approaches.

Image: Amazon

Video-enabled doorbells have become a popular option for homeowners in recent years. During Halloween, video-enabled doorbell cameras allow homeowners to ensure trick or treaters are wearing CDC-recommended masks before opening the door. Additionally, the Ring

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