Day: November 4, 2020

CA ballot measure that keeps gig workers as independent contractors is projected to pass – TechCrunch

Uber, Lyft, Instacart and DoorDash — the major backers of California’s Proposition 22 — are getting their way. The proposition, which will keep gig workers classified as independent contractors, is projected to pass. The Associated Press called the race with 67% of precincts partially reporting.

At the time of publication, 58.2% of voters (more than 6.3 million people) voted for Prop 22, while 41.5% of voters (about 4.5 million people) voted against it.

The ballot measure will implement an earnings guarantee of at least 120% of minimum wage while on the job, 30 cents per engaged miles for expenses, a healthcare stipend, occupational accident insurance for on-the-job injuries, protection against discrimination and sexual harassment, and automobile accident and liability insurance. It’s worth noting that those earnings guarantees and reimbursement for expenses only reflect a driver’s engaged time, and does not account for the time spent in between rides or deliveries.

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How to manipulate multiple graphic files at the same time in a Word document

Learn how to work more productively by making the same modification to several graphic files at once in Microsoft Word.

Image: iStock/Sonja Rachbauer

Our Microsoft Word documents often contain graphics, and it’s not uncommon to want to perform the same task on several or even all of those files at the same time. Word has several ways to work with, or manipulate, more than one graphic file, and in this article, you’ll learn about them. 

I’m working with Microsoft 365 on a Windows 10 64-bit system, but you can use earlier versions. You can work with your own files or download the demonstration .docx file. The web version doesn’t support the advanced find-and-replace options used in this article.

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How to find graphic files using Find in Word

Finding all the graphic files in a document is easy, but I want

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