Day: November 13, 2020

This fintech-focused VC firm just closed a $75 million debut fund; backers “came out of the woodwork” – TechCrunch

It’s no secret that a massive digital transformation is happening within financial services companies and amid the growing number of non-financial outfits that are also adding financial products to their offerings.

Still, Sheel Mohnot, who was formerly a general partner at the fintech fund of 500 Startups, and Jake Gibson, co-founder of personal finance startup NerdWallet, were a little taken aback by investor interest in their fintech-focused early-stage venture firm, Better Tomorrow Ventures, or BTV.

The outfit just closed its debut fund with $75 million in capital commitments, exceeding their original $60 million target, and even one of their earliest investors, Michael Kim of Cendana Capital, expresses surprise. “Remarkably, they raised a lot of it during Covid,” says Kim.

We talked yesterday with the pair, who have already invested in 13 startups with the fund’s capital and, they say, led nine of those deals.

TC: The good news is

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4 steps for fine-tuning your data visuals for users

Knowing what your users might need from your data is important. It can help you make sure they have the correct info.

Image: anyaberkut, Getty Images/iStockphoto

In 1976, Saul Steinberg illustrated, “A New Yorker’s View of the World” for the cover of the March 29 edition of The New Yorker. The illustration shows Manhattan as the center of the world, with New Jersey still in the Stone Age, and it has been much parodied since.

Steinberg’s satirical illustration is a constant presence in my mind whenever I think about data visualization. Different users in a company see the world differently, so it becomes incumbent for a business analyst to know that a salesperson might want to see how many sales were consummated in a month, but a customer service rep might be more interested in how much customer churn occurred because of a bad experience with the company. 

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Sony PS5: Here’s where you can still buy the next-gen PlayStation today on launch day

The new PS5 console launches today and here’s how to grab one from Amazon, Target, GameStop or Best Buy. Walmart is offering the devices for sale online four times today and there’s a trick to nabbing one.

The PS5 goes on sale Nov. 12 in the US and Canada.

Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony’s long-awaited PlayStation 5 goes on sale today. But with PS5 pre-orders sold out since September, it’s been causing gamers and parents stress as they try to ensure they’ll have the next-gen console in hand for the holiday season.

While nothing is promised, here’s a bit of help on how to buy a PS5.

The PS5 is launching two versions today. There is a $400 digital-only model and a $500 console version. The only difference between the two is that the console edition includes an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive to allow for PS5 Blu-ray disc

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