Day: November 14, 2020

These Stanford students are racing to get laptops to kids around the U.S. who most need them – TechCrunch

The digital divide is not a new phenomenon. Still, it largely took Americans by surprise when, as the U.S. began to shut down to slow the spread of Covid-19 in March, schools grappled with how to move forward with online classes.

It wasn’t just a matter of altering students’ curriculum. Many lacked either internet access or home computers — and some lacked both. According to USAFacts, a non-partisan organization funded by former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer,  4.4 million households with children have not had consistent access to computers for online learning during the pandemic.

It’s a problem that two Stanford students, Isabel Wang and Margot Bellon, are doing everything in their power to address, and with some success. Through their six-month-old 501(c)(3) outfit, Bridging Tech, they’ve already provided more than 400 refurbished laptops to children who need them most — those living in homeless shelters — beginning with students

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Post-COVID tech-leveraged economy may be more difficult for some workers, Fed Chairman says

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated changes that were already happening in the economy and these changes may make it more difficult for out-of-work individuals to return to the workforce.

The post-COVID economy will be one marked by more telework and accelerated automation, said Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell on Thursday.

“We’re not going back to the same economy,” Powell said during an online panel at the European Central Bank Forum on Central Banking 2020. “We’re recovering, but to a different economy, and it will be one that is more leveraged to technology.”

Powell’s comments mirror what other economic and business leaders have said about the future of work post COVID-19, but the central banker also gave a warning about the negative economic effect these trends would likely have.

Remote work is here to stay

Google CEO Sundar Pichai, told TIME magazine that he sees the software company having a

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What Tulsa and other cities are doing to woo remote workers away from Silicon Valley

Commentary: Competition is tight for tech workers as digital transformation hits overdrive, and some cities and states–and at least one country–are finding creative ways to attract IT talent.

Image: Vasil Dimitrov, Getty Images/iStockPhoto

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically increased the speed of our economy’s digitization which, in turn, has opened up opportunities outside highly concentrated and highly expensive tech centers like Silicon Valley. Plans for orderly, gradual technology transitions, often prepared by CIOs and intended to occur over the span of years amid careful oversight and preparation, are suddenly transpiring in mere months. This acceleration of digitization is leading to a related surge in demand for tech talent to support the transition. 

Cities that have prepared for a remote-first economy are now reaping returns. Yes, even cities way off the silicon grid like Tulsa, OK. Perhaps, just perhaps, it’s now “Tulsa Time,” as Don Williams once sang (and which

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8 gifts for golfers who have everything

In the era of the autonomous robo-caddie, basic course essentials can underwhelm avid golfers. From AI-enabled golf tips to smart club sensors, here are 8 gifts for golfers who have everything.

Last year, more than 34 million people played either on- or off-course golf in the US, according to the National Golf Foundation. The market for golfing accessories has boomed in recent decades as participation rises around the country. That said, there are myriad gadgets and accessories to help amateurs and seasoned professionals fine-tune their game. Many golf enthusiasts may already have the basic essentials such as divot tools, gloves as well as storage for said golf gear. However, there are plenty of other gadgets and accessories to consider. To assist, we’ve compiled a list of the top gifts for golfers who have everything they need for an afternoon on the links. Be sure to check out all of TechRepublic’s

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8 Holiday Gifts for Bicyclists

From smart cycling helmets and indoor training stands to roadside repair kits, these 8 gifts for bicyclists prioritize safety, recreation, training, and more.

In recent years, biking has boomed around the US as more people continue to cycle to the office, venture around town, and more. Needless to say, biking for work, pleasure, or exercise is a popular activity for many and there are myriad cycling accessories to enhance the experience. Below, we’ve highlighted eight gifts for bicyclists to take bike rides to another level. Be sure to check out all of TechRepublic’s holiday gift guides

Image: SENA

The SENA RI is a bicycling helmet for the smart device era. The Bluetooth enabled helmet with built-in audio speakers pairs with a rider’s smartphone allowing them to listen to music on the open road and more. The helmet also touts a microphone for hands-free calling and noise-canceling capabilities to help

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6 training trends to watch that “will define the workplace in 2021”

With the shift to remote work amid the coronavirus pandemic, online learning related to mindfulness, cybersecurity, and hybrid tech capabilities surged, Udemy found.

Image: iStock/dusanpetkovic

Udemy published an article on Wednesday outlining the key findings of its 2021 Workplace Learning Trends Report. The report detailed training courses that have seen a surge in demand on Udemy for Business, the company’s online learning platform. The company also analyzed organizational “learning behaviors” to identify six trends Udemy believes will “define the workplace in 2021.”

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“While much of this year has been uncertain, one thing has become undoubtedly clear,” said Shelley Osborne, VP of learning at Udemy, via email. “The future of work many of us have been talking about is no longer an eventuality — it’s our current reality. Around the world and across industries, organizations

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