Day: November 16, 2020

Apple responds to Gatekeeper issue with upcoming fixes – TechCrunch

Apple has updated a documentation page detailing the company’s next steps to prevent last week’s Gatekeeper bug from happening again, as Rene Ritchie spotted. The company plans to implement the fixes over the next year.

Apple had a difficult launch day last week. The company released macOS Big Sur, a major update for macOS. Apple then suffered from server-side issues.

Third-party apps failed to launch as your Mac couldn’t check the developer certificate of the app. That feature, called Gatekeeper, makes sure that you didn’t download a malware app that disguises itself as a legit app. If the certificate doesn’t match, macOS prevents the app launch.

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The ESHLDTY T1, is a waterproof strip which launches Nov. 17 at 9 AM ET, and features nine special color effects to illuminate the night, the manufacturer said all nine outlets can be used simultaneously, including three USB outlets that support 2.4A fast charging and a Type-C port with 20W PD fast charging. Available in black and white. The MSRP is

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