Day: November 19, 2020

Greece’s Marathon Venture Capital completes first close for Fund II, reaching $47M – TechCrunch

Marathon Venture Capital in Athens, Greece has completed the first closing of its second fund, reaching the €40m / $47M mark. Backing the new fund is the European Investment Fund, HDBI, as well as corporates, family offices and HNWIs around the world (plus many Greek founders). It plans to invest in Seed-stage startups from €1m to 1.5m initial tickets for 15-20% of equity.

Team changes include Thaleia Misailidou being promoted to Principal, and Chris Gasteratos is promoted to Associate.

Marathon’s most prominent portfolio company is Netdata, which last year raised a $17 million Series A led by Bain Capital, and later raised another $14m from Bessemer. On the success side, Uber’s pending $1.4B+ acquisition of BMW/Daimler’s mobility group was in part driven by a Marathon-backed startup, Taxibeat, which was earlier acquired by Daimler.

Partners George Tziralis and Panos Papadopoulos tell me the fund is focused generally on enterprise/B2B, plus “Greek

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Your hybrid cloud strategy needs an IT reality check

Commentary: Enterprise IT is messy by nature, and those companies that accept this may be best able to deal with it. Find out how a cloud strategy refresh can save money and improve employee morale.

Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto

There is the IT world that a CIO might wish were true, and then there’s the complicated reality of her enterprise. Way (way) back when, Billy Marshall coined the phrase, “The CIO is the last to know.” He was talking about how open source increasingly found its way into the enterprise without the CIO’s blessing or knowledge. Developers downloaded it, anxious to get work done, and not particularly bothered by IT priorities defined by tee times with an enterprise software vendor. 

More recently, Redmonk analyst Stephen O’Grady extended the “last to know” theme, arguing that not only will “Open source…find a way” into the enterprise, but “clouds will [also] find a way.”

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Brain hacks to boost productivity with music. Should you be listening to more ABBA?

We spoke with a neuroscientist and other academics to understand the principles and neurochemistry to help craft a personal productivity playlist.

Image: iStock/kerkez

The manipulated audible sheets of airwaves we call music can have profound impacts on human behavior. Studies have shown that the tempo of the music played in stores can affect the amount of time shoppers spend inside. Similarly, additional work suggests that certain modes could also boost retail sales. Other studies have shown that music can increase cognitive function including memory.

To understand whether it was possible to use this premise to craft a playlist for productivity purposes, to in essence hack the neurochemistry of our brains for a given task, we spoke with a neuroscientist and other academics. It turns out that the notion is theoretically possible and the ideal playlist may need a healthy dose of ABBA and less Wagner.

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