Day: November 27, 2020

2021 will see the spread of AI and automation in the workplace

Enterprises are already interested in how to automate invoicing and expensing procedures, says SAP Concur.

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Businesses are always looking to optimize and streamline services to cut costs. The coronavirus pandemic and the resulting economic calamity caused by it have put even more pressure on enterprises to innovate and do more with less. 

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Andy Watson, senior vice president for Asia, Pacific, Japan, and Greater China at SAP Concur, says many organizations will turn to automation and AI in 2021 as a way to address key business pain points and simplify cumbersome processes. 

“Automation will become essential, not extra. As businesses maintain hybrid remote-working models and anticipate other potential disruptions in 2021 and beyond, the role of automation and AI use cases in the workplace will grow,” Watson said in an email interview. “These may include enabling efficient day-to-day communications between knowledge workers doing their jobs

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Alibaba vies for a piece of China’s booming EV market – TechCrunch

There’s no lack of news these days on China’s tech giants teaming up with traditional carmakers. Companies from Alibaba to Huawei are striving to become relevant in the trillion-dollar auto industry, which itself is seeking an electric transition and intelligent upgrade as 5G comes of age.

State-owned automaker SAIC Motor, a major player in China, unveiled this week a new electric vehicle arm called Zhiji, in which Alibaba and a Shanghai government-backed entity are minority shareholders. The tie-up comes as Chinese EV startups like Xpeng and Nio and their predecessor Tesla see their stocks soaring in recent months.

Alibaba’s ties with SAIC can be traced back to 2015 when they jointly announced a $160 million investment in internet-connected cars. The partners moved on to form a joint venture called Banma (or ‘Zebra’) and Alibaba has since developed a slew of auto solutions for the Banma platform to enable everything from

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Google Forms email surveys: Check this box to get more responses

Improve your response rate to short, single-section Google Form surveys by letting people respond without ever leaving email.

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A Google Form can help you gather data in a structured way. Forms supports a variety of question types (i.e., multiple choice, checkboxes, dropdowns, files, short and long answers, linear scales, date, time, and multiple choice grids) that you may ask and structure in sections, with a separate page for each set of questions. And, since Forms supports branching (i.e., conditional logic), you can present different sets of questions to different people.

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When you’re ready to share—or, as Google Forms labels the button, SEND—your form with people, the system offers five routes: Email, a link, an embed code, or via a link shared

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