Day: December 1, 2020

Databand raises $14.5M led by Accel for its data pipeline observability tools – TechCrunch

DevOps continues to get a lot of attention as a wave of companies develop more sophisticated tools to help developers manage increasingly complex architectures and workloads. In the latest development, Databand — an AI-based observability platform for data pipelines, specifically to detect when something is going wrong with a datasource when an engineer is using a disparate set of data management tools — has closed a round of $14.5 million.

Josh Benamram, the CEO who co-founded the company with Victor Shafran and Evgeny Shulman, said that Databand plans include more hiring; to continue adding customers for its existing product; to expand the library of tools that its providing to users to cover an ever-increasing landscape of DevOps software, where it is a big supporter of open source resources; as well as to invest in the next steps of its own commercial product. That will include more remediation once problems

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Salesforce Dreamforce 2020: Rebuilding tech conferences to be more inclusive, more global and more personal

Salesforce sees tech conferences of the future as truly hybrid in-person/digital events. Dreamforce to You 2020 will be a major step toward that future, if it succeeds.

Dreamforce is always a critical event for Salesforce. The cloud software company’s annual gathering is a time to showcase new products, highlight wins for the current year and outline strategy for the year ahead. Dreamforce 2020 however, will be more consequential for Salesforce than any event they’ve hosted in recent memory. Dreamforce to You 2020, as this year’s event is called, will be a bridge between the in-person-centric events of the past and a new hybrid digital/in-person event model Salesforce believes is the future.

“I think people are always going to want to get on planes and be together, said Karin Flores, SVP of Strategic Events at Salesforce, in an interview with TechRepublic. “But I, personally, and I know that our team

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