Day: December 4, 2020

China’s internet regulator takes aim at forced data collection – TechCrunch

China is a step closer to cracking down on unscrupulous data collection by app developers. This week, the country’s cybersecurity watchdog began seeking comment on the range of user information that apps from instant messengers to ride-hailing services are allowed to collect.

The move follows in the footstep of a proposed data protection law that was released in October and is currently under review. The comprehensive data privacy law is set to be a “milestone” if passed and implemented, wrote the editorial of China Daily, the Chinese Communist Party’s official mouthpiece. The law is set to restrict data practices not just by private firms but also among government departments.

“Some leaking of personal information has resulted in economic losses for individuals when the information is used to swindle the targeted individual of his or her money,” said the party paper. “With increasingly advanced technology, the collection of personal information has

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5 top tech industry research insights of 2020

5G business transformations, COVID-19 decisions, and more: Here’s a collection of our most popular research reports from 2020.

From the proliferation of new technologies like 5G to forced adaptation caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, 2020 has been nothing if not transformative. Businesses have been made to deal with a year that has upset predictions, destroyed carefully-planned budgets, fractured supply chains, and made the future uncertain.

TechRepublic Premium regularly surveys IT professionals to get their opinions on a variety of topics, and these five research reports stood out as some of the most popular of 2020, and with good reason: They cover a wide range of topics relevant to the tumultuous past year and the challenges enterprises are likely to face as they continue to adapt to the future.

How 5G will transform business

5G may have hit the market in 2019, but 2020 was the year it finally became a

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When will Xbox Series X restock? Try these Xbox Series X stock trackers

Rather than perpetually refreshing your browser to check availability, a number of Xbox Series X stock trackers could help automate the process amid high demand.

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft released its latest Xbox Series X and Series S on Nov. 10 and the market quickly responded. In recent weeks it’s been nearly impossible for in-person and online shoppers to nab a $500 Series X or the $300 Series S. Instead of perpetually refreshing mainstay retail websites to check product availability, there are a number of Xbox Series X stock trackers individuals can deploy to automate the process. We’ve detailed a few Xbox Series X stock trackers below.

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Xbox Series X stock trackers

The no-frills website uses a spreadsheet format to list a wide range of Xbox retailers. The spreadsheet also includes information about a console or bundle’s current availability and

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