Day: January 1, 2021

How IT can prepare for the coming hybrid work environment

Remote work is here to stay. Planning how to integrate remote workers as others return to the office will be critical for tech leaders.

Image: iStock/Anna Chaplygina

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, remote work seemed a temporary and novel approach to keeping productive, and I was among the many people who thought it would be a couple or three-week experiment. As the pandemic wore on and many companies embraced remote working, I heard sentiments like, “We’ll never go back to the old way of working,” a feeling that was particularly resonant among many of my colleagues, for whom the “old way” involved a dozen hours each week shuffling through overcrowded airports and cramped airplanes.

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A funny thing happened shortly after several promising COVID-19 vaccines were announced and ultimately began to be administered around the world, whereby people seemed more or less equally divided among

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Sony to launch PlayStation 5 in India on February 2 – TechCrunch

Sony said on Friday that it will launch the PlayStation 5 in India on February 2, suggesting improvements in the supply chain network that was severely impacted last year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Japanese firm said it will begin taking pre-order requests for the new gaming console in India, the world’s second largest internet market, on January 12. The console will be available for pre-order from a number of retailers including Amazon India, Flipkart, Croma, Reliance Digital, Games the Shop, Sony Center, and Vijay Sales, the company said.

The PlayStation 5 is priced at Indian rupees 49,990 ($685), while the digital edition of the console will sell at Indian rupees 39,990 ($550). Xbox Series X, in comparison, is priced at $685 in India, and Xbox Series S sells at $480. Both the consoles launched in India in November.

However, much like elsewhere in the world, Microsoft has been

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LG Display wants to put a 55-inch transparent TV at the foot of your bed

LG Display will demonstrate novel uses for its transparent OLED screens at CES 2021 with applications for food service, transportation, and smart home.

A customer selects her restaurant order, with menu information available to view on LG Display’s 55-inch Transparent OLED display.

Image/caption: LG Display

A retractable, transparent TV that sits at the foot of your bed is just one of the ways LG Display will demonstrate its OLED technology during CES 2021. Ahead of the annual electronics show, which will be all-digital this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, LG Display announced it would demonstrate novel uses for its transparent OLED displays in the smart home, food service and transportation markets. During the show, which runs January 11-14, the company will host an “online showroom” comprised of multiple “zones” that illustrate how the company’s displays can be applied to “objects and situations that people encounter on a daily basis.”

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6 steps for using low-code platforms to create big data apps

Low-code development can be used for managing big data. Here’s how to make it work for your organization.

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Low-code development tools are aimed at reducing application development time to market. They do this by using graphical user interfaces with point-and-click tools to cobble together applications, making it easy for end user “citizen developers” with no knowledge of programming to develop apps. Low-code tools also allow IT technical staff to insert custom code to endow the apps with functionality that the low-code tools can’t generate on their own.

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Low-code development tools are gaining popularity in companies because users see them as ways to get around IT logjams that prevent them from getting things done.

The market concurs. By 2024, Gartner predicts that 65% of all application development will be done with low-code platforms, and that

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