Day: January 5, 2021

NYSE reverses plans to delist China’s three big telcos – TechCrunch

In an unexpected turn, the New York Stock Exchange said Monday that it no longer intends to delist China’s three major telecoms operators, a decision that was originally announced on December 31.

The initial action targeted China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom as part of the Trump Administration’s move to bar investment in companies deemed to supply and support China’s military, intelligence and security services.

The current blacklist names 35 companies, including the parent organizations of the three listed telecoms firms as well as Huawei and China’s major chipmaker SMIC.

The reversal was made “in light of further consultation with relevant regulatory authorities,” said the exchange. The companies will continue to be listed and traded on the NYSE while the exchange will continue to evaluate how the executive order applies to them and their listing status, according to the announcement.

The delisting of the three telecoms giants, which have

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How to use the grep command for better data retrieval

Automating the performance of tasks via scripting is something we all strive to do as IT pros. But taking it a step further by using grep adds a layer of granularity and universality to your scripts.

Image: iStock/HAKINMHAN

Interacting with data is the core function of any IT professional. Each role is unique and brings with it specific challenges, but at the heart of each role lies the same basic premise: As IT, we interpret and respond to the data we receive and if it isn’t accurate, we take measures to correct the data flow. When we automate tasks based on scripts, it is typically done in response to known parameters and provides a predetermined set of commands to execute, thereby automating repetitive tasks.

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This is great and, I whole-heartedly recommend that IT pros automate

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8 of the most popular programming languages

Languages like Python, C, and JavaScript have topped lists in recent years. Which ones did people gravitate toward the most in 2020?

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Programming languages continue to evolve and morph each year as they are used in more diverse applications by a wider swath of people. 

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Languages like Python, C, JavaScript, C++, Java and many others have topped the lists of most popular programming languages in recent years, dominating rankings as millions use them for a variety of tasks. 

The popularity of languages is reflected in rankings put together by organizations like TIOBE but is also illustrated in what courses are most popular on tech education platforms like Pluralsight. TIOBE tracks language popularity by monitoring the amount of courses on it and the number of engineers using it. 

“There are a number of different ways to measure popularity, such as the languages that are

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