Day: January 7, 2021

Too Good To Go raises $31 million to fight food waste – TechCrunch

Too Good To Go, the startup that lets you buy food right before it goes to waste, is raising a $31.1 million round. blisce/ is leading the round and investing $15.4 million as part of today’s round. Existing investors and employees are also participating. While the company has been around for a while, this is the first time Too Good To Go is raising money from a VC firm.

The startup has been operating across several European countries for a few years now. It runs a marketplace focused on food waste. On one side, restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries and other food businesses contribute surplus food items. On the other side, consumers can snatch food right before it becomes unsellable.

It’s a win for everybody as businesses can generate a bit of revenue from surplus food, customers can buy food at great prices and it reduces unnecessary waste. Of course,

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How to create a new database with RavenDB

Jack Wallen shows you how easy it is to create a NoSQL database with RavenDB.

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RavenDB is a cross-platform document-oriented, NoSQL database server with a range of features that would make any enterprise-level developer or admin giddy. RavenDB was designed especially for the .NET/Windows platform, but getting it up and running on a Linux server is an outstanding pathway to success. 

Like many NoSQL databases, RavenDB includes a well-designed GUI that makes working with those massive collections of data much easier than you might think. Before you can work with the data, you must first create a database to hold said data. Fortunately, RavenDB makes this easy as well. 

Let me show you. 

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How to create a new RavenDB database

  1. Log in to your RavenDB dashboard and click Databases. 
  2. In the resulting window, click New Database. 
  3. Give your new
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Need a COVID test? Look for a vending machine

Test kits start at $130 and users can get results in 15 minutes.

Image: Anna_Kolesnikova/istockphotos

A digital health company and a retail automation platform are providing COVID-19 tests via vending machines so people who need a test can get one quickly.

Wellness 4 Humanity is planning to deploy the first machine mid-January at Oakland International Airport. The company is planning to place additional machines in locations throughout New York, Texas, and Ohio. Test kits will range from $130 to $150.

Lian Nguyen Pham, CEO and co-founder of Wellness 4 Humanity, said in a press release that the vending machines will provide easier access to fast and accurate tests.

“We’ve seen similar vending machines placed in highly populated, highly trafficked areas of Hong Kong and the United Kingdom to help contain the spread of the virus and, given the surge in cases the US is currently experiencing, we hope to roll

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