Day: January 8, 2021

Jobandtalent tops up with $108M for its ‘workforce as a service’ platform – TechCrunch

Madrid-based Jobandtalent, a digital temp staffing agency which operates a dual-sided platform that connects temp workers with employers needing regular casual labor in sectors like transport and logistics, has added €88 million (~$108M) to its Series C — bringing the total raised following an earlier (2019) closing of the round to €166M.

The 2009-founded startup has raised more than $290M to date over its decade+ run but describes itself as just at the beginning of a journey to make a dent in the massive and growing market for temporary work, expecting demand to keep stepping up as more sectors and processes go digital in the coming years.

Jobandtalent says more than 80,000 workers have used its platform to secure temp gigs in the last year across the seven markets where it operates in Europe and LatAm (namely: Spain, UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Mexico and Colombia); while 750+ employers are

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Homebrew: How to install exploit tools on macOS

We’ll guide you through the process of using Homebrew package manager to install security tools on macOS to exploit vulnerabilities found in your Apple equipment.

Image: Homebrew

In this follow-up to the installing security tools on macOS via Homebrew series, we’ll be looking at various applications that can be used to exploit any vulnerabilities that have been found after performing an assessment using scanning tools to determine what—if any—issues exist. 

While some pentesters find this to be the fun part of the project, exploiting the vulnerabilities found to see how the devices respond and react to attacks, it’s important to not let the fun factor associated with this part of the campaign to overtake the true purpose of this phase: To verify the information retrieved during the assessment phase is accurate.

SEE: Cybersecurity: Let’s get tactical (free PDF) (TechRepublic)

This is another step along the path to completing a

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Amazon, Disney, and Uber reveal remote interviewing and hiring processes

TechRepublic takes an exclusive look at key HR trends and predictions from some of the most recognizable companies.

The most-wanted HR tools, from Talview’s latest poll.

Image: Talview

Among the many challenges the enterprise tackled last year during the pandemic-imposed upheaval, the most odious (business-wise) was the rapid shift to remote work. Specifically, human resources departments had talent to contend with, as they dealt with recruiting, interviewing, hiring, firing, on-boarding, consulting, and much more. The tech-oriented HR firm Talview conducted a recent survey on remote hiring trends for 2021 amid the COVID-19 crisis and the workforce shift to telecommuting. 

The once new-normal, and now just normal has changed the way employees and companies not only initially find each other, but the nuances and practices regarding ongoing relationships between HR and staff. Unique to this particular report: Respondents are from companies many people aspire to join. TechRepublic readers may be interested

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