Day: January 10, 2021

CES 2021: Lenovo’s ThinkReality A3 smart glasses offer AR experiences across industries

The AR capabilities allow companies to deploy “customized virtual monitors,” assist with training, and provide video-enabled “remote expert use cases,” according to the company.

Image: Lenovo

In recent months, organizations around the globe have adopted remote work policies to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in-house. At the same time, a number of annual conferences have also been held virtually as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and CES 2021 is no different. Each year, the multi-day event features innumerable product and service unveilings across the tech sector. On Sunday, ahead of this year’s kickoff, Lenovo unveiled the ThinkReality A3, a pair of smart glasses offering augmented reality (AR) experiences for a host of occupational settings.

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CES 2021: Lenovo’s ThinkReality A3 smart glasses

CES 2021 must-read coverage

Organizations are deploying AR and mixed reality (MR) capabilities

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Amazon Web Services gives Parler 24-hour notice that it will suspend services to the company – TechCrunch

Parler is at risk of disappearing, just as the social media network popular among conservatives was reaching new heights of popularity in the wake of President Donald Trump’s ban from all major tech social platforms.

Parler, whose fortunes have soared as users upset at the President’s silencing on mainstream social media outlets flocked to the service, is now another site of contention in the struggle over the limits of free speech and accountability online.

In the wake of the riots at the Capitol on Wednesday and a purge of accounts accused of inciting violence on Twitter and Facebook, Parler had become the home for a raft of radical voices calling for armed “Patriots” to commit violence at the nation’s capitol and statehouses around the country.

Most recently, conservative militants on the site had been calling for “Patriots” to amplify the events of January 6 with a march on Washington

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