Day: January 13, 2021

YouTube puts a temporary freeze on uploads to Trump’s channel – TechCrunch

YouTube has been the slowest of the big social media platforms to react to the threat of letting president Trump continue to use its platform as a megaphone to whip up insurrection in the wake of the attack on the US capital last week. But it’s now applied a temporary upload ban.

In a short Twitter thread today, the Google-owned service said it had removed new content uploaded to Trump’s YouTube channel “in light of concerns about the ongoing potential violence”.

It also said it’s applied a first strike — triggering a temporary upload ban for at least seven days.

At the time of writing the verified Donald J Trump YouTube channel has some 2.78M subscribers.

“Given the ongoing concerns about violence, we will also be indefinitely disabling comments on President Trump’s channel, as we’ve done to other channels where there are safety concerns found in the comments section,” YouTube

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This year’s crop of robots at CES 2021 is all about fighting COVID-19

UV light is the weapon of choice for autonomous robots designed to clean hospital rooms, public spaces, and schools.

The Unipin UV-C Robot ID2 uses UV light to disinfect indoor spaces and can clean 1000 square meters in about 100 minutes.

Image: Unipin

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The world has turned upside down enough that the robots are coming to save us, not take over the world. Vendors at CES 2021 are showing off rolling cleaning machines that can disinfect public spaces. Companies are also promoting smart devices and even product coatings to keep  germs at bay in the air and on surfaces.

Gartner analyst Jonathan Davenport said that companies have been building pulsed xenon ultraviolet (UV) light technology into simple robots to disinfect surfaces for years, but COVID-19 has seen demand leap substantially. Automating the cleaning process improves consistency and complements the cleaning staff, he said.

“For example, one

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Moscow takes crown for world’s most traffic congested city, LA tops US cities

TomTom’s annual index finds a significant decrease in traffic during rush hour due to the pandemic lockdowns.

Traffic jam in Los Angeles

Image: egdigital, Getty Images/iStockphoto

Moscow has the dubious distinction of being the most traffic congested city in the world in 2020, dismantling Bengaluru, India, which was the most congested in 2019 and fell to 6th place. Los Angeles topped the list of cities in the US, according to the 10th annual TomTom Traffic Index, which details the traffic situation in over 400 cities in 57 countries.

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Although the ranking of the world’s most congested cities has shifted very little from 2019, the significant change is how far congestion levels have fallen due to the global pandemic, TomTom said. Out of the 416 cities included in the index, 387 saw a significant decrease (average of 21%) in congestion, and a 28% average decrease in

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