Day: January 15, 2021

How next-gen cloud SIEM tools can offer critical visibility companies for effective threat hunting

Virtual workforces face escalated threats due to their remote access from various networks. Learn how security information and event management tools can help in the battle.

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As a system administrator, I had quite a tech support ordeal the other day in which I found myself unable to access my company portal via the VPN connection from my home office. It took some time to get sorted out, during which the analyst I worked with apologized profusely, explaining they had had to implement some extremely rigorous security mechanisms to protect the company as nearly all of our employees work remotely.

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That’s a common theme now as the pandemic continues to rage on, and entire disciplines are being implemented to address these security concerns yet also allow workers to remain productive.

I spoke to Augusto Barros, VP of solutions for Securonix, a

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Fitness tech at CES 2021 has smart yoga mats for relaxing and a sports wall for punching

Companies use AI to recreate the gym environment at home and provide coaching tips for at-home workouts.

A smart yoga mat from YogiFi is embedded with sensors to track a user’s alignment in each pose and uses Bluetooth to connect to smartwatches and the internet.

Image: YogiFi

CES 2021 must-read coverage

Fitness tech at CES 2021 reflected the reality we are all living in: Staying at home and looking for ways to keep fit. In addition to smart watches and earbuds, companies offered virtual trainers and even a fitness wall that will measure how hard users hit it. The wall from Ark Sports also comes with software that personal trainers can use to build individual and group workouts. 

That fitness device requires a dedicated fitness room (it’s almost 40 feet long and 5 feet tall) but the smart yoga mat from YogiFi and brain-training system Reflexion will work for apartment

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OneWeb picks up $1.4B more from SoftBank and Hughes to help fund its first satellite fleet – TechCrunch

After a troubled year that saw broadband satellite operator OneWeb file for bankruptcy, get rescue finance from the UK government and Bharti, and then emerge out of that with a launch of part of its fleet last month, the London-based company today announced a another $1.4 billion in funding — money that it says will be enough to (finally) get the rest of its first-generation fleet of 648 satellites off the ground.

The 36 new satellites OneWeb launched in December brought the total number in orbit to 110 satellites, so there are still more than 500 left to launch.

SoftBank Group Corp. and Hughes Network Systems are providing the financing, the company said. The news comes about a month after OneWeb launched 36 satellites, its third launch to put more of its fleet into orbit. At the time, its executive chairman Sunil Bharti Mittal said that it was

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Introducing Hub350, the latest addition to Canada’s largest tech park

The new facility in Ottawa is a “brand new ecosystem for industry, academic and finance partners” to co-exist and collaborate–and fuel its already welcoming job market.

The Kanata North Business Association (KNBA) provided this image as “inspirational” for the just-announced Hub350.

Image: KNBA

Residents of Ottawa have something to look forward to this summer, the Kanata North Business Association (KNBA) will open the doors to a new global tech center, Hub350 at the Kanata North Technology Park (KNTP). 

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Hub350 is designed to help secure a “better post COVID-19 future, and serve as a foundation for the special economic district development project 350 Legget.” It will also be the “gateway for member companies to industry, academia, and finance communities in Canada’s largest technology park,” promotional material noted. 

Located 20 minutes from downtown

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