Day: February 4, 2021

Former Paytm execs team up to chase gold in India – TechCrunch

Nearly every adult in India has a bank account, but fewer than a quarter of them in the South Asian nation can secure loans from the formal financial institutions.

Although much of the population in the country doesn’t have a credit score, an increasingly growing number of people here are looking for credit — and some are going to extreme lengths.

Hundreds of online lending apps have begun attempting to tackle — and in some cases, abuse — this opportunity in recent years, offering Indians short-term, collateral-free and instant loans.

The catch? Several of these apps charge such high fees that the interest rate, when annualized, could go as high as 1,000%.

Many of these apps, several of which are operated by Chinese firms, have also been found to be employing sketchy tactics, such as contacting family members and colleagues of the customer to shame them and recover their

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Analysts predict Bezos’ move to the board won’t slow the pace of cloud innovation at Amazon

New executive chairman takes a victory lap after fantastic Q4 earnings report and leaves incoming CEO Andy Jassy to deal with anticipated antitrust issues.

AWS CEO Andy Jassy, seen here at AWS re:Invent, in December 2020, will take over the CEO role at Amazon in mid-2021.

Andy Jassy’s promotion to CEO is a good thing and bad thing for the long-time Amazon employee. It’s a reward for a job well done with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the unquestioned leader in cloud services. The new job also makes Jassy the public face of a company that will be facing a lot of antitrust questions, according to analysts. 

The company announced at the Q4 earnings call on Tuesday that CEO Jeff Bezos will move to the executive chairman role in July. Analysts expect Bezos to continue to have a strong hand in guiding Amazon’s overall strategy, so things won’t change dramatically under

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GNOME 40 takes a few bold steps to improve the desktop

Jack Wallen takes GNOME 40 for a spin to discover that the subtle changes make a big difference in the effectiveness of this open source desktop.

Image: Gnome

GNOME is not everyone’s cup of tea–it’s different. Since the inception of GNOME Shell, this particular desktop tossed aside tradition to reinvent a wheel that had been turning smoothly for a very long time. For some, those changes were welcome, as the new desktop metaphor made great strides in getting out of the way of work. For others, the change was too great and seemed to be made simply because they could.

Fortunately, the GNOME developers stuck to their design and continued to slowly improve their desktop environment. Those changes seemed to have always been minuscule, so what we see now is pretty similar to what was originally released–only with a greatly improved performance and reliability). In other words, GNOME Shell is

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