What classic software developers need to know about quantum computing

IBM’s Quantum Challenge is designed to help classic software programmers become quantum ready developers.

IBM, Intel, Google, D-Wave and others have made significant advancements in the field of 
Quantum computing

over the past few years, but many hurdles (not all of them technical) exist before the technology can become a practical alternative for businesses. For example, software developers will need to learn new ways of writing programs for quantum computers.

In May this year, IBM hosted its fourth annual Quantum Challenge. The four-day event consisted of four exercises designed to help classic software developers, researchers, and even business users better understand how quantum programming works. Participants were able to use the 18 IBM Quantum systems on the IBM Cloud to complete the exercises and according to IBM during the event the total use of these system “exceeded 1 billion circuits a day.” Over 1,745 people from 45 countries participated

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Review: Vissles 15.6-inch portable touchscreen monitor

The sleek touchscreen touts an impressive build and multifunctionality, but there are some compatibility issues to consider before going all-in.

Image: Visssles

In the era of remote work and nontraditional instruction, the modern home often serves as a virtual office and online learning center. As a result, many people are investing in solutions to upgrade their existing home workstations and dedicated monitors are a popular option at the moment. Beyond the workday, some monitors also offer after-hours leisure when paired with compatible gaming systems for added utility throughout the day.

At the moment, there are innumerable dedicated displays to choose from and the right fit will depend on a person’s intended use and needs. We recently tested the Vissles-M, a 15.6-inch touchscreen monitor that is compatible with certain laptops, smartphone models, and popular gaming systems. The unit certainly looks impressive on paper and out of the box, but how

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New Zealand’s lessons from second lockdown after being 100 days COVID-free

‘All-weather strategies,’ being agile, and providing experiences that cater to student and employee needs are the lessons of the second lockdown for one New Zealand university.

Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto

At the start of the year, governments around the world were forced to face the tricky dilemma of how best to approach the coronavirus pandemic. Some governments adopted a herd immunity approach while others, like New Zealand, enforced a severe lockdown. 

In late March, New Zealand went into an alert 4 lockdown, which meant civilians had to stay home and keep movements only within local areas. 

Non-essential services and education facilities were also forced to close, and businesses and organisations were forced to enter remote work. Much like the rest of the world, New Zealand organisations had to adapt to their new working conditions. 

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern justified the decision at the time, saying that a lockdown

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Apple focuses on COVID-19 with new oximeter, home workout experiences, and more

Tuesday’s Apple event was held virtually and featured a number of announcements focused on enhancing public health during the coronavirus pandemic.

Image: Apple

On Tuesday, Apple held its “Time Flies” event featuring a series of unveilings and product updates. Similar to Apple’s 2020 Worldwide Developers Conference in June, the event was also held virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic. The event featured numerous unveilings including the Apple Watch Series 6, a new iPad, and more. Apple also announced a series of features focused on enhancing public health and safety during the coronavirus pandemic.

“As with many trends, COVID-19 is pulling demand earlier for features and functions that otherwise would have taken years to embed into society,” said Ranjit Atwal, research director in Gartner’s Quantitative Innovation team.

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Earlier this month, Apple released its COVID-19 Exposure Notifications as part of the iOS 13.7 update. Once local

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5G smartphones: A cheat sheet

This comprehensive guide covers plans from leading smartphone vendors as the industry deploys 5G mobile networks and devices that use them.

BeeBright, Getty Images/iStockphoto

Mobile network operators around the world are sprinting to deploy 5G networks to more efficiently serve the increasing number of devices users and businesses are connecting to mobile networks. Though smartphones are already ubiquitous, the increased use of mobile broadband adapters, always-connected computers, and consumer and enterprise IoT devices will require more data than current 4G networks can sustainably supply.

Naturally, smartphone manufacturers are eager to be the first out of the gate with a 5G phone. Because of this, some mobile network operators and smartphone manufacturers may label proprietary or transitional network technologies as being 5G, though these devices will not receive all of the benefits that “true” 5G offers (or, at least, promises). 

TechRepublic’s cheat sheet for 5G smartphones is an overview of smartphones

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As schools reopen, officials reflect on first months of coronavirus device lending programs

School districts across the United States had varying experiences with trying to get devices to every child at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Image: SeventyFour, Getty Images/iStockPhoto

Every teacher and administrator was faced with an unprecedented problem when schools across the country were shut for the year in March to help states deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Most schools were given barely a few weeks to suddenly prepare students, parents, and themselves for remote learning, which is only possible with some kind of device. While hundreds of districts were lucky enough to already have 1:1 device lending programs in place for all their students, others scrambled to order and deliver millions of iPads and Chromebooks just in time for the end of spring break.

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“A lot of districts are building the plane while they’re flying it. Some

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