How Hazelcast hopes to make digital transformation mainstream

Commentary: Even as the coronavirus pandemic has hastened digital transformation efforts, success remains elusive for many companies. This one-stop shop to digital transformation might help.

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It’s no secret that, as CircleCI CEO Jim Rose put it, “The pandemic has compressed the time[line]” for digital transformation. What is perhaps surprising is just how broad and deep that transformation is spreading. In an interview with Hazelcast chief product officer David Brimley, he stressed that while Fortune 500 e-commerce and finance companies have historically paid the bills for Hazelcast, provider of an open source in-memory data grid (IMDG), mid-sized enterprises “are coming to us and saying, we want to start digitizing and [adding digital] channels for our business.”

How they get there, and how fast, is the question. 

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A one-stop shop to digital transformation 

As keen as companies are

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The cloud becomes a delivery mechanism for the media and entertainment industry

The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation efforts in M&E businesses to help create innovation, efficiencies, and new revenue streams, according to a new report.

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Like every industry, the media & entertainment (M&E) industry has been thrown a curveball with COVID-19, and a recent report from PwC and Microsoft highlights how they’re accelerating their cloud investments and moving away from legacy production systems.
Production delays and the underdelivery of episodic content could result in over $3.5 billion in lost ad revenue for broadcasters, according to the report, “The show goes on in the cloud.”

Although M&E businesses have been resistant to embrace emerging technologies in the past, they’re now focused on digitally transforming themselves.

The pandemic “is changing underlying model assumptions and proving the value of cloud and putting more revenue in the pockets of media that weren’t quick to embrace cloud as they have,” said

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The most in demand jobs and skills as a result of COVID-19

Engineers and developers are even more critical with an accelerated remote work environment, Dice found.

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Technologists have become critical employees during the coronavirus pandemic, as businesses were forced to quickly shift to a remote workstyle, a Dice report found. Not only were techies needed to execute a successful remote framework, but they were also in demand for making sure that infrastructure was secure. 

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Dice’s Tech Job Report analyzed the job positions and skills that rose highest in demand between February and March 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic really began hitting hard. 

Starting in that time period, a clear shift occurred: Meetings became video calls, conferences turned into webinars, conversations changed to instant messages. While many companies already had some flexibility with remote work, COVID-19 undoubtedly expedited the widespread conversion.

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Internal developer bootcamps and training programs can help companies drive long-term success

Dave Hoover, coder, CEO, and co-founder of Dev Bootcamp, talks about how developer bootcamps are evolving and why the best companies invest in their current employees.

Developer bootcamps aren’t just a way for job seekers to get into coding. Companies can use them and other training programs to invest in their people. In this episode of Dynamic Developer I talk Dave Hoover, co-founder of Dev Bootcamp, about why it’s a good idea. Dave is also a coder, author, founder and CEO of Red Squirrel a custom software developer firm and CTO at GoLogic, about why it’s a good idea. The following is a transcript of our interview, edited for readability.

Bill Detwiler: So Dave, we talk about Dev Bootcamps. A lot of coders have experience with bootcamps, they’ve been around for a long time, for decades now, some may be better than others, and I know you’re working on something

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The challenges and opportunities of shadow IT

The shadow IT genie is out of the bottle and offers benefits and threats. Learn some tips from the experts on how to effectively harness shadow IT in your company.

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Shadow IT is a concept in which users deploy or provision their own technological solutions to get work done. Properly implemented and monitored, it can provide benefits to both IT departments and end-users, particularly in these unprecedented times with so many employees working remotely due to COVID-19. However, it also entails some significant responsibilities on the part of all parties involved to ensure company operations, data, and personnel are sufficiently protected.

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I discussed the topic with several industry experts: Ofri Ziv, VP of Research at security organization Guardicore; Shai Toren, CEO at vulnerability remediation provider JetPatch; Yaniv Avidan, CEO and co-founder at data security provider

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How the Apache Cassandra community stopped fighting to build its best release yet

Commentary: In this interview with an Apache Cassandra project leader, learn how the 4.0 beta release’s improved stability, bug fixes, and the confluence of vendors and users.

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Over the years, the Apache Cassandra community has demonstrated the best and worst of open source collaboration. But a funny thing happened on the way to Cassandra’s 4.0 (beta) release: A sometime fractious family of contributors came together to deliver something truly exceptional. Already one of the world’s most popular databases (currently ranked #10 on, Cassandra’s 4.0 beta release promises new levels of stability while also rediscovering flair. As Instaclustr CTO Ben Bromhead put it, “I’m an absolute sucker for process and quality improvement and Cassandra 4.0 has this in spades, but the improvements around Netty and Zero Copy Streaming also look super cool.” 

To learn more about the release, and why enterprises comfortable in

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