How to add hyperlinks to a Word document

Hyperlinks are everywhere, and you can take advantage of them in your Microsoft Word documents to help navigate your reader to websites or other places in your document. Here’s how.

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Hyperlinks are everywhere and hardly need an explanation, but just in case you’re using them but don’t know where they’re called, a hyperlink is text or content that you click to go somewhere else. The content you click is usually explanation enough. For instance, you might click a hyperlinked title to read that article. In a Microsoft Word article, you might include hyperlinks to other parts of the document, other documents, or even web sites. 

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In this article, you’ll learn how to add hyperlinks to a Word document. (What you learn applies to Outlook as well. In addition, I’ll use the term linked throughout this article.)

I’m using

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7 hobbies to take on for the summer

Forget antiquated stamp, bottle cap, matchbook or doll collecting. Here’s a list of hobbies to take on that will last well beyond the initial setup.

The house is cleaned and purged, so it’s now time to learn something new or take on a collaborative project while evading exposure to COVID-19. TechRepublic looks at potentially new hobbies to consider, as everyone continues to deal with the uncertainty of just how long the cloud and risks of the coronavirus keeps most people primarily at home. Luckily, an eclectic array of at-home activities awaits, from a personal farm-to-table herb and veg garden, to piecing together the mystery of The Titanic. 

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What could be fresher–and more satisfying–than growing your own herbs, tomatoes, peppers and more? The high-resolution control panel keeps plants thriving on “vacation mode.” Grow plants up to 24″ tall in an on-kitchen-counter indoor soil planter. Comes with nine non-GMO pre-seeded

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If you had to review the year 2020 in tech, what would you say?

Commentary: Jack Wallen wants to hear your tech-centric review of this year. Do you agree this is the year of Zoom? Is the tech industry forever changed? Let us know.

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You may see questions like this posed at the end of a calendar year–year in reviews, best moments in tech for X… you know the drill. But 2020 has been a special sort of year. It’s been the year of the coronavirus pandemic, which has profoundly affected everyone; it isolated us and had us scrambling to deploy drastic changes to our systems and architecture, so people could continue being productive. We’ve retooled, rethought, recompiled, rebuilt. Nothing is the same as it was at the beginning of the year, and nothing may ever be the same.

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So one day, on my personal Facebook page, I posted the question: If you

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Understanding and serving shifting consumer needs during and post-COVID-19

A new study by Experian explores how businesses need to adapt as the economy reopens

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Although Americans have adjusted to the new normal of remote work and the easing of lockdown restrictions, many remain unhappy. Less than one-third of Americans (30%) are satisfied with their current situation, according to a recently released survey global information services company Experian conducted over a 15-week period.

COVID-19 workplace policy (TechRepublic Premium)

As a result, businesses need to understand the shifts in consumer sentiment since the coronavirus pandemic began and communicate with them differently going forward.

The study found that:

  • Groceries, food delivery and takeout, and entertainment are the only areas where spending increased; 32% of consumers cut back on overall retail spending
  • Half of Americans (47%) are buying more online than previously, citing the ability to save time, free delivery, and more time to browse online as
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Developer Relations goes global and rises in importance

Commentary: DevRel pros may not be traveling right now, but they do have an opportunity to engage with developers how the programmers and engineers prefer.

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For years, it has been standard operating procedure for tech companies to have Developer Relations (DevRel) teams. DevRel professionals travel the globe encouraging developers to build on whatever technology they’re paid to promote, then spend the rest of their time on Twitter complaining about how much they travel. 

I’m joking (sort of), as DevRel has established itself as offering significant value beyond plumping their frequent flier balances. Don’t believe me? Well, take a look at the State of Developer Relations 2020 Report, produced by WIP and Hoopy. From the report it becomes clear that DevRel, once the province of Silicon Valley geeks, is hitting its stride well beyond the Valley.

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Why companies want people to take vacation time now and how managers are encouraging them to do it

Intel’s Staycation Challenge is one example of how talking about taking time off can encourage people to disconnect from work.

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If managers want people to take vacation time during this coronavirus summer, they need to set a good example and step away from the computer themselves, executives and human resource experts said. Company leaders have to walk the talk to reinforce formal time off policies. Tech companies are tracking “vacation days used” as a new productivity metric and adding floating holidays to the calendar to avoid burnout.

Intel launched a Staycation Challenge to change the conversation around time off during a time when travel is unwise or impossible.  

“Employees are being asked to submit their best staycation ideas and prizes will be awarded to help bring ideas to life and, most importantly, enable them to recharge,” said Julie Ann Overcash, Intel’s vice president of human resources and

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