Financial forecasting startup Springbox AI launches its apps and raises $2M – TechCrunch

Springbox AI, an AI-powered financial forecasting application designed to replace financial market investment service and aimed at the average financial markets trader, has launched on iOS and Android.

It’s been built by a team of founders who previously worked at Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, UBS, and BNP Paribas. It’s so far raised $2M in funding from private investors in Europe.

The app costs $49 a month, and includes a range of tools including market forecasting; live market screening of stocks, forex, and futures markets; and trading news.

Springbox AI Co-Founder Kassem Lahham said: “Most brokers focus their marketing by selling investors the dream or the myth of easy-money, resulting in 96% of self-traders losing money and quitting. Using Springbox AI traders will have access to an app that will help them succeed, focused on the data.”

Springbox competes with trading apps like eToro, but eToro focuses on social

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How to use EOMONTH() to return the last day of the month and more in Excel

There’s more to EOMONTH() in Microsoft Excel than the last day of the month. Learn how to put it to use in your spreadsheets.

Image: Rawpixel/iStockphoto

Dates play a part in many spreadsheets, but they can be a bit mysterious, especially when Excel doesn’t offer a date function that returns exactly the value you need. Fortunately, the more you know, the easier dates are to work with. In this article, I’ll show you a date function that returns the last day of a specified month, and then some. It’s the “then some” that really comes in handy. Even if you don’t need this function now, it’s good to know about it when you finally do. 

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I’m using Microsoft 365 on a Windows 10 64-bit system, but you can use an earlier version. You can work with your own data or download

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Understanding machine learning will go a long way toward higher adoption for SMBs

Expert says larger companies are more willing to spend money for top talent to achieve machine learning, whereas smaller companies aren’t able to do so. Pre-configured solutions can help.

Image: iStock/Igor Kutyaev

Machine learning (ML) seems to work so well for big tech companies while so many businesses outside of Silicon Valley have yet to fully implement ML to its fullest. I recently visited with Monte Zweben, CEO of Splice Machine, creator of an ML engine that creates, deploys, and manages ML models, and I asked him why.

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“It is incredibly complex to build a data architecture from scratch that supports high-quality machine learning,” he said. “It takes a significant investment of time, money, and talent to do so, and big tech companies invest highly in talent that is on the bleeding edge of the

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Alibaba shares jump on Jack Ma’s first appearance in 3 months – TechCrunch

Alibaba’s billionaire founder resurfaced as he spoke to 100 rural teachers through a video call, three months after his last public appearance in October, sending the e-commerce firm’s shares up more than 8% in Hong Kong.

A recording of the call was first posted on a news portal backed by the government of Zhejiang, the eastern province where Alibaba is headquartered, and the video was verified by an Alibaba spokesperson.

Speculations swirled around Ma’s whereabouts after media reported in December that he skipped the taping of a TV program he created. Ma, known for his love for the limelight, has seen his e-commerce empire Alibaba and fintech giant Ant Group increasingly in the crosshairs of the Chinese authorities in recent months.

Ma last appeared publicly at a conference where he castigated China’s financial regulatory system in front of a room of high-ranked officials. His controversial remark, according to reports, prompted

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For preschoolers and soldiers: 4 new Acer Chromebooks meet military and toy safety standards

Two models have antimicrobial coating and a spill-resistant gutter system to keep up to 11 ounces of liquid away from internal components.

The Acer TravelMate Spin B3 meets both military durability standards as well as toy safety rules.

Image: Acer

Even after several product announcements at CES 2021, Acer has more laptop news with five new products designed for the classroom. These laptops meet durability standards designed for military use as well as safety guidelines from toy manufacturers.

Several of the products feature zero-touch enrollment which means that IT departments can drop ship the laptops and automatically enroll the devices into a school’s system as soon as a student connects to the internet.

Here are the highlights of these new products. 

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Travelmate Spin B3

This convertible laptop is built for the toughest environment with extra durability. It is certified to meet ASTM toy

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The aftermath of the SolarWinds breach: Organizations need to be more vigilant

Security experts say organizations are, and should, implement a number of changes ranging from how they vet vendors to handling application updates.

Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The way Nick Fuchs sees it, in the aftermath of the massive SolarWinds breach, there has been one silver lining: A greater understanding of the important role security needs to play in any organization. Not only is there an “obvious opportunity to learn from the event,” but also an awareness “around the importance of prioritizing security fundamentals that penetrates all levels of the organization,” said Fuchs, senior director of infrastructure, security, support, and controls at Springfield Clinic.

While that may slow the process for IT to onboard a new application, for example, Fuchs says it enables security professionals to reference this cautionary tale of what happens when the appropriate processes are not in place.

Fuchs and others said the breach is prompting organizations to

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