Photos: Best webcams for Zoom, Teams, and remote collaboration

DEPSTECH 1080P HD Webcam ($31)

In the age of remote work and distance learning, a host of technologies are often required to enhance the home workspace. To assist with collaboration online, webcams are a critical part of the virtual experience for telecommuters, students, and educators alike. In this gallery, we’ve featured 10 of the best webcams for Zoom, Teams, gaming, and virtual communication in general.

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The DEPSTECH 1080P HD webcam is a great plug-and-play option. Simply connect the webcam to the device via the USB cable and you’re set. The camera swivels 360-degrees and the clip offers 180-degrees of tilt for optimal positioning at home. A dual-microphone array captures audio while also reducing background noise to deliver clean audio during virtual communication.

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