June 2018

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How Smartphone App Can Blow Away Small Business Owner

Economic downfall, competition from big companies, staff reductions, shoestring budget, low resources and the list goes on and on. Survival for small businesses is getting tougher day by day. Market realities are hitting small businesses to the core. Small businesses constantly need to reinvent their marketing strategies to ensure they are able to capture the attention of their customers in markets that are becoming saturated. It is crucial to explore new avenues and it is high time that small businesses open their eyes to the mobile revolution. Small businesses avoiding mobile technology changes like the plaque are likely to be left behind.
Recent market statistics revealed that 120 million smartphone users are from the United States and approximately 50 percent of all searches are occurring on a smartphone. Despite the ongoing threat from Samsung, Apple’s iPhone is the top-selling smartphone in the United States. Given Apple’s stronghold in the smartphone markets, small businesses that continue to ignore iPhone and iPad apps reduce their chances of reaching out to prospective customers and clients, putting overall growth at risk.
While there is no denying the fact that traditional marketing and advertising are necessary, it’s imperative that small business owners have an effective … Read more

Guidelines to Deploy Enterprise Mobile Device Management

Guidelines to Deploy Enterprise Mobile Device Management

In order to increase the productivity enterprises allow Smartphone’s and Tablets at work. But, lack of mobile device management (MDM) policies brings with them lot of new risks that need to encountered. Below is the list of points that need to be considered while deploying enterprise mobile device management solutions
1 Selection of Mobile Devices for Enterprises
The first point which needs to be considered is the selection of mobile devices. The enterprise needs to choose the mobile devices that offer the security. The devices chosen should have inbuilt security so that they do not offer any threat to the enterprise.
2 Enterprises to develop a Strong Security Policy
The Smartphone’s and Tablets which are introduced nowadays does not have inbuilt encryption policies due to which it becomes very difficult to fully encrypt the mobile devices. For this enterprise needs to deploy the secure encryption methods that provides full security to mobile devices. With help of encryption method text messages, e-mails, calendars etc are properly secured. Thus, enterprises can create security policy.
3 Effective Enterprise Mobile Device Management Solution for Corporate Compliance
Majority of the enterprises are using the trend of Bring your own device due to which it becomes … Read more

Cell Phones Technology Make easier shoping

Cell phones were once just the domain of science fiction movies. The next step was a brick-like phone which wouldn’t fit in your pocket. Time has passed and now there are few people around the world who don’t have a cell phone. To learn all about this amazing new device, read on.

Refrain from keeping your phone on for a long period of time when your signals are weak. This generally will kill your battery, leaving you will no juice when you need it most. Try to take your phone calls in places where your signals are very strong to save battery.

Every few days restart your cell phone, especially if it’s a smart phone. You may not realize it, but you’re carrying around a miniature computer in your pocket. These computers eat up memory over time, and that can lead to poor performance. All you need to do is restart your cell phone to get memory back into play.

Did you know that the battery in your cell phone has some reserved power? If you find that your cell phone battery is dead, and you have no way to charge it, enter the USSD “*3370#”. You will see up … Read more

Easy IPad Strategies To Make It Your Favorite Technology

Few things are more exciting than getting a new iPad. However, it can be really frustrating to figure out how to optimize your use of it. The following article will detail some interesting tips and tricks on using your new iPad more effectively, and just how to have more fun with it in general.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that iPads are only useful if you are into gaming or entertainment. There is really an application for anything you can possibly imagine. This includes home organization apps like personal budgets as well as recipe books, calculators, and anything else you can possibly imagine.

If you go to Settings and Notifications, you can choose which apps you want to have pop up alerts, which apps you want to have notifications near the top of the screen, and which apps you want to appear in your Notification Center. Doing this can help you prevent noisy apps from clogging up your notifications. This also ensures that you will just notice the important apps.

Lots of people say that typing on a tablet is difficult; however, this problem continues to improve. If you have issues, use speech dictation instead. Simply push home twice and … Read more