Year: 2020

3 ways to manually restore a managed iPad or iPhone

Managing iPads and iPhones at scale is made easier when leveraging an MDM solution. However, when devices need to be restored, an out-of-box method may be required to get the device operational again.

Image: iStock/ViewApart

Ask anyone tasked with managing iOS-based devices like iPads and iPhones, mobile device management (MDM) suites make all the difference in the world. From simplifying the overall management afforded by standardizing and securing devices uniformly to allowing administrators to centrally manage thousands or tens of thousands of devices, the benefits are endless.

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I can’t say enough nice things about good MDM products, however, as with all computing devices, sometimes they require an additional touch that requires restoring the device in order for it to be re-enrolled and fully manageable once again. Luckily, iOS devices have a few avenues available to them to

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SMBs: How to find the right MSP for your cybersecurity needs

Cybercriminals do what they do for money, so why not make it unworthy of their time to attack your small or medium business?

Image: Kirill_Savenko, Getty Images/iStockphoto

Small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are the lowest-hanging digital fruit and ripe for the picking–just read tech-media reports describing the latest data breaches and cyberattacks. For example, researchers at Verizon reported more than 40{3cb18d445b0e35c5898c2fda918d54891ca6d5c042c2ad42e401416f22f9b09e} of polled small businesses experienced some kind of cyberattack in 2019, with a cost per incident approaching $200,000. 

That kind of financial outlay hurts, as money is already tight, competition is up, and SMB owners are struggling to stay in business. What’s more, it’s likely many SMB owners are wondering if it’s even possible to be cyber secure. 

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Outsourcing IT and cybersecurity needs

Matthew Courchesne, head of channel at Kaspersky North America, offers recommendations in his Channel Futures article “How to

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Samsung vice chairman Jay Y. Lee faces nine-year sentence in bribery case – TechCrunch

Samsung Electronics vice chairman Jay Y. Lee faces a nine-year prison term in the bribery case that contributed to the downfall of former president Park Guen-hye. Prosecutors argued that the length of the sentence is warranted because of Samsung’s power as the largest chaebol, or family-owned conglomerate, in South Korea.

“Samsung is a group with such overwhelming power that it is said Korean companies are divided into Samsung and non-Samsung,” they said during a final hearing on Wednesday, reports the Korea Herald. The final ruling is scheduled for January 18.

The bribery case is separate from another trial Lee is involved in, over alleged accounting fraud and stock-price manipulation. Hearings in that case began in October.

The bribery case dates back to 2017, when Lee was convicted of bribing Park and her close associate Choi Soon-sil and sentenced to five years in prison. Prosecutors allege the bribes were meant to

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What the PostgreSQL community has done so right

Commentary: PostgreSQL is popular for a variety of reasons, but what has the PostgreSQL community done to ensure this long march to popularity?

Image: iStock/metamorworks

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PostgreSQL went years without getting much in the way of accolades, just steadily releasing predictable, stable code. Lately, its popularity has boomed, prompting me to write repeatedly about its success: Amazon just open sourced an easier path to PostgreSQLDevelopers increasingly pair MongoDB with PostgreSQL, survey finds, and Why Oracle’s missteps have led to PostgreSQL’s ‘moment’ in the database market. I thought I was done, and then System Initiative cofounder Adam Jacob started riffing on the reasons behind PostgreSQL’s success, causing me to wonder what makes the community behind PostgreSQL’s rise so different. 

After all, as Jacob pointed out, “Other databases offer better models for a given niche, but nothing so elegantly can be twisted into whatever

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Amazon eyes launching its computer science education program in India – TechCrunch

Amazon is planning to extend its computer science program Future Engineer to India, demonstrating its growing interest in the education space in the world’s second largest internet market.

In a job recruitment post, the company said that initial research for Amazon Future Engineer, through which it aims to bring computer science education to underserved and underrepresented children and young adults, in India is “currently underway” and the chosen candidate would be tasked with working with local nonprofits and government officials.

The company said in the post that it plans to launch the program in India in 2021. The childhood-to-career program is currently operational in the United States, where the company serves more than 5,000 schools and 550,000 students with computer science coursework, it said in a press release earlier this week.

“Amazon India has a specific focus on equipping children and young adults from underserved and underprivileged communities to

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Why the next 10 years may belong to ARM

Commentary: ARM has been growing for some time, but it may have just hit an inflection point.

Image: Apple

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My computing life has come full circle. In 2000, I went to work for an embedded Linux company, Lineo, and though my desktop (remember those?) ran x86, everything Lineo sold dealt with MIPS, RISC-based chips like Intel’s i960, and…ARM. For decades, many of us forgot about ARM thanks to the seemingly insurmountable rise of x86, though ARM remained highly relevant in mobile devices and elsewhere. But most recently, it’s x86 that is looking vulnerable.

Apple may have done the most to make ARM relatively relevant in popular culture with its new ARM-based M1 processor, but relatively few people will ever own an ARM-based Mac. Virtually everyone, by contrast, will use an ARM-based mobile device or interact with web services powered by applications running ARM-based compute instances

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