Day: April 9, 2020

Commercial real estate could be in trouble — even after this is over – TechCrunch

Commercial real estate owners, brokers, and landlords have collectively made many hundreds of billions of dollars a year in recent years as the economy zipped along.

Now, they’re getting clobbered by the pandemic-fueled economic crisis. Worse, their industry may be forever changed by it.

To state the obvious, extracting rent from nearly anyone right now is problematic. According to the National Multifamily Housing Council, just 69% of U.S. households had paid their rent by April 5 compared with the 81% who’d paid by March 5 and the 82% who paid by the same time last year.

That statistic will almost assuredly look worse by May 5, given the soaring numbers of both laid-off and furloughed employees.

On the commercial side, the problem is beginning to look as dire. In addition to the countless small retail and restaurant businesses that may be forced to permanently vacate their commercial spaces because they

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Google Cloud launches new AI chatbot for COVID-19 information

The Rapid Response Virtual Agent program includes open source templates for companies to add coronavirus content to their own chatbots.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are continuing to take a front-row seat in fighting COVID-19, with Google Cloud launching an AI chatbot on Wednesday. The chatbot, which it calls the Rapid Response Virtual Agent program, will provide information to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, as announced in a Google blog.

The program will Google Cloud customers to respond more quickly to questions from their own customers about the coronavirus. It’s designed for organizations who need to be able to provide information related to the COVID-19 pandemic to their customers, such as government agencies, healthcare and public health organizations, as

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Take new online Coding Dojo classes for Python, Java, MERN and more

Here’s a way to change or future-proof your career with new tech-focused online programs from Coding Dojo.

Luckily, many in the technology or technology-related fields were able to easily transition to telecommuting. But businesses–some permanently–have shuttered, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For those faced with sheltering, and exhausting Netflix and Hulu watchlists, it might be an ideal time to take an online course to brush-up on or learn an entirely new skill. 

Coding Dojo recently introduced online classes designed for those who are looking to improve or polish their skill sets, or for those who decided to take the opportunity to change careers.  

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“Many industries are going to be decimated by the COVID-19 crisis, and it’s unclear when or if these industries will fully recover, which leaves potentially millions without a job,” Coding Dojo CEO Richard Wang said.

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