Day: April 30, 2020

Tesla to reduce price of standard range Model 3 in China – TechCrunch

Tesla said it will reduce the price of its standard range Model 3 vehicle in China to meet the government’s new eligibility requirements for subsidies.

This marks the second time this year that the automaker has reduced the price. Several months ago, the base version of China-made Model 3 was lowered by 9%.

Tesla has to cut the price of the vehicle to continue to qualify for government rebates on electric vehicles. The Chinese government instituted new regulations that require prices below 300,000 yuan for electric vehicles to qualify for subsidies.

The base price of the standard range Model 3 made in China is 323,800 yuan, or $45,754 before subsidies.

The price reduction will go into effect tomorrow in China, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in a earnings call Wednesday. Musk, who didn’t provide a specific figure, said he is confident the vehicle will deliver a gross margin despite

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What makes developers happy? Contributing to open source

Commentary: One of the best things for your business and your developers is to encourage them to write open source software.

Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Senior executives may not know much about open source, and that’s OK–or, it was. What they do know is that software is an increasingly critical component of their businesses–whatever those businesses may be–and that developers write that software. So let’s connect some dots.

Must-read developer content

SlashData recently surveyed over 16,000 developers to see what makes them tick… what they care about. The data is collected in SlashData’s State of the Developer Nation, though let me give you the tl;dr: 59% of developers contribute to open source software today. Why do they contribute? The top two reasons are: To improve coding skills and because they believe in open source.

Want to keep those developers happy and employed with you? Let them contribute.

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COVID-19: Summer internships aren’t going away, but they may look very different this year

The coronavirus quarantine has impacted US summer internships, which are instrumental in establishing a career after graduation.

Traditionally, coveted summer internships involve shadowing a seasoned professional mentor, guide, and liaison who introduces the intern to a professional environment. Internships apply the reality to concepts outlined in textbooks. With restrictions in place because of the coronavirus pandemic, remote work is the norm, so nearly all internships are, too.

COVID-19, and its communicable and potentially deadly characteristics still pose a safety concern that is reflected in the dramatic decline (52%), from March 9 to April 13 in internship opportunities, according to data from economic-research company Glassdoor. It reported the pandemic has had a near-instant impact on US internship hiring.

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Over the last two years, from April 2018 to April 2020, internships posted on Glassdoor declined 39%. From the March

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