Day: October 3, 2020

Controversial former Uber exec Emil Michael has registered plans for a $250 million SPAC – TechCrunch

SPACs, or special purpose acquisition companies, are all the rage right now, and people are emerging from all corners to raise them.

Among the latest entrants — and someone who might be of interest to Silicon Valley watchers — is Emil Michael, a former Uber executive and top lieutenant to former CEO Travis Kalanick. Earlier today, Micheal registered plans with the SEC to raise $250 million in an IPO for a blank-check company that will broadly acquire a company in the tech sector.

IPO Edge had reported earlier today that the SPAC might be in the works.

The filing lists as special advisors Alphabet’s former executive chairman Eric Schmidt, and Betsy Atkins, a founder of Ascend Communications and investor who has served on so many boards that last year she wrote a book about it. Indeed, among her other roles currently, she’s on the boards of Volvo, Wynn Resorts, and

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COVID-19 isn’t slowing open source—watch for developer burnout

Commentary: New data shows that open source development remains resilient in the face of global upheaval due to the coronavirus pandemic, but developers’ work-life balance may be paying the price.

Image: asiandelight, Getty Images/iStockphoto

Though life has resumed a measure of normalcy for many in the wake of COVID-19, earlier in 2020 life came to an abrupt stop. No more travel. Tightly restrained social interaction. Widespread adoption of work-from-home policies. Everything changed.

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Everything, that is, except open source software development. 

Despite the difficulties of WFH arrangements (increased childcare duties, social isolation, unfamiliar work arrangements, etc.), open source software developers didn’t miss a beat. In fact, as evidenced by data from the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), code commits increased in the wake of the global pandemic. As ASF president David Nalley related in an interview during Apacheon 2020, “The asynchronous, distributed communications and decision-making of open

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Snowflake data warehouse platform: A cheat sheet

The Snowflake platform offers all the tools necessary to store, retrieve, analyze, and process data from a single readily accessible and scalable system.

Illustration: Lisa Hornung/iStockPhoto

The digitization of the modern business enterprise has created a seemingly never-ending stream of raw data. Gleaning actionable nuggets of information from terabytes upon terabytes of data requires systems that can store, retrieve, and process data quickly and efficiently. One of the most common of these systems is called a data warehouse.

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Data warehouses are central repositories of integrated data obtained from one or more disparate sources. These systems store current and historical data in one single place, which can then be retrieved for the development of analytical reports and other actionable information for employees throughout an enterprise. A well-designed and comprehensive data warehouse can unleash the power of institutional collected data.

Developing and

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Developers, get ready for the collision of DevOps and data analytics

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the blending of data analytics and DevOps meaning developers, data scientists, and product managers will need to work more closely together than ever before.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the blending of data analytics and DevOps meaning developers, data scientists, and product managers will need to work more closely together than ever before. In this episode of TechRepublic’s
Dynamic Developer

, host and TechRepublic editor-in-chief Bill Detwiler speaks with Michael O’Connell Ph.D., chief analytics officer at TIBCO Software about how data analytics is merging with DevOps, the data science work his company has done helping organizations respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, and what that works tells them about the future of software development and analytics. The following is a transcript of the interview, edited for readability.

Bill Detwiler (00:16): All right. So before we get started talking about data analytics and DevOps, and how the

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COVID-19’s impact on remote work life: Top 5 advantages and disadvantages

A new report from entertainment technology company FunCorp takes a hard look at the dramatic differences the COVID-19 crisis imposed on the enterprise, both good and bad.

Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Coping with the new normal—of working from home, physically isolating from colleagues, and maneuvering the necessary technologies dictated by remote work—was not a choice, but a quickly situated necessity, as workers and office leaders struggled to adapt. The entertainment technology company FunCorp’s CIO Denis Litvinov took a deep dive into how the pandemic affected remote work. Many of those who were working from home (WFH), noted the report, were incredulous that the COVID-19 crisis and the resulting telecommuting was still a thing, seven months later.

As the new normal enters its seventh month of social distancing and mask-wearing, it’s unlikely we’ll be returning to the way things were. Indeed, it is beginning to look like this lifestyle and

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