How Smartphone App Can Blow Away Small Business Owner

Economic downfall, competition from big companies, staff reductions, shoestring budget, low resources and the list goes on and on. Survival for small businesses is getting tougher day by day. Market realities are hitting small businesses to the core. Small businesses constantly need to reinvent their marketing strategies to ensure they are able to capture the attention of their customers in markets that are becoming saturated. It is crucial to explore new avenues and it is high time that small businesses open their eyes to the mobile revolution. Small businesses avoiding mobile technology changes like the plaque are likely to be left behind.
Recent market statistics revealed that 120 million smartphone users are from the United States and approximately 50 percent of all searches are occurring on a smartphone. Despite the ongoing threat from Samsung, Apple’s iPhone is the top-selling smartphone in the United States. Given Apple’s stronghold in the smartphone markets, small businesses that continue to ignore iPhone and iPad apps reduce their chances of reaching out to prospective customers and clients, putting overall growth at risk.
While there is no denying the fact that traditional marketing and advertising are necessary, it’s imperative that small business owners have an effective and engaging app. At the initial stage costs associated with developing an app might compel you to take a passe. However, upon reviewing the benefits I am confident you will be ready to take the plunge in the world of iPhone app.
Reach out to your customers anytime, anywhere 24*7: Visitors can access app 24*7 which keeps communication channels open between customer and the company. Think about it your brand at the fingertips of your customers. You can send push notifications to customers distributed through the app. Push notifications are basically messages that flash on your smartphone informing customers about your products/services and upgrade alerts instantly. You can include a “contact us” tab that will provide instant access to your business through your app.
Enhanced customer service level: You can also have an features where customer can send message to your company. In this competitive world, good customer support plays an instrumental role in winning customer’s heart and getting new referrals.
Increased bottom-line results: Smartphone owners browse the net on the go, make price comparisons, and tend to shop more due to overall improved shopping experience, resulting in a higher conversion rate. Thus your presence in app store can improve your bottom-line results.
In-depth analysis of customer behavior:Mobile application can be designed to elicit information from users regarding their geographic location, job details, salary bracket, spending limit, as well as what user likes or dislikes about your products/services. This data could be valuable in improving your services as per client needs.
Mobile apps are ubiquitous taking user engagement to the next level. Customer behavior analysis clearly indicates that iPhone users are value-driven having a higher conversion rate. An effective app strategy can allow you to reap the advantages of increased user engagement, robust brand identity, organic growth, and larger profits across the board. Striking a perfect balance between iPhone and iPad app should be of highest priority for small businesses today.