How to Present a Good Social Signal


What are social signals? Is a parameter or assessment of a website that has a brand name on social media. form of social signals such as like, share, subscribe, vote, pin, followers. And now there are also agencies that make it easy for you to buy social signals. Even though Google says that social media doesn’t have a direct influence, SEO experts have proven that social media has indirect influence on SEO.

The activity of users (netizens) on social media has an impact on search engine results. Look at the information on the FB fanspage, many popping up on search engines.

Social Media When it comes to SEO, the first thing you should know about social media is that almost all the links it provides have a nofollow attribute. But this doesn’t matter, because what we want from social media is not the value of a standard link as it should be, but the impact it can give. It is undeniable that social media has changed the way people behave and do activities on the internet. Its presence is even able to create an independent website that is separate from other entities. Facebook, for example, has become such a complete standalone platform that the mela method requires almost nothing outside of itself.

But as I concluded in the context of online marketing, social media is just a tool and channel that is used to generate traffic where as website owners, we will use it as a distribution channel for the content we have. By using social media, we can find and relate directly to people who match the content we have, trigger various reactions from them as well as invite them to our website pages.

The easiest way to present social signals for SEO through social media is to build various social channels, including:

1. Facebook Page
2.Twitter- For traffic from the US and Canada.
3.Youtube-For a niche that allows us to make videos, at least in the form of slides.
4.Pinterest – For niches related to and with those images

Pay attention, every website we have will have its own social channel and cannot be mixed with one another. And to increase trust and engagement, you should setup each social channel as well as possible, be it name, image, logo or description. Next, share any content published on our website to these channels. This method can also be used to increase social signals by using social share plugins. You can use many available wordpress plugins to share content automatically to social media, including SNAP (social network auto-poster) from NextScripts, AccessPress Social Auto Post, HYPESocial Buffer and so on.

In the end, except for Google and God, no one knows exactly how social signals take part in SEO. We only know that we can’t close our eyes to the huge role social media plays today. Even if this did not have a significant impact on SEO, we would not lose too much. Because if done correctly, we will still get quality traffic. You can visit the following site to get a good social signal