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A Guide to Leasing Land for Antennas

The operating environment has been changing for many industries and the telecommunication industry is one of the examples that has been having tremendous changes. The root cause of the changes is the emergence of technology which has revolutionized many things raising a lot of requirement for the industry and therefore facing both challenges and benefits of the technology. For example, the telecommunication industry is under a lot of pressure to ensure that they supply wireless services to the people who are also benefiting from technology. There are many ways of supplying wireless services to the people especially by installing antennas. However, one of the greatest challenge the company may face when they want to provide such services is the place to install the antennas. If you own properties therefore, you can benefit from them especially if you lease the land to the telecommunication company of which you can give them tender to do so but they can also come to you. Below is a guide to help you in leasing your land to the telecommunication company.

The first thing you need to know is that it is a contract. Like any other contract, there are conditions that must be followed or must be understood when you’re leasing properties which are both in the interest of the company and also for your sake. The conditions are so many when it comes to leasing a land for telecommunication purposes and it is important to understand the type of lease that the company want. In case you don’t understand anything of the terminologies on the contract, there are companies that can offer professional advice and the best thing you can do for yourself is engage them. You can also equip yourself with important information when it comes to dealing with telecommunication companies although you may not get helpful information therefore the need for additional advice from professional companies.

When it comes to leasing properties, it is important to understand the different dynamics of pricing your properties. It is possible to sell your properties at the fair market value but also there are many factors that can contribute to the amount of money you will get for your properties. Location is one of the important factors that influence the amount of money you will get for your properties for instance if it is a densely populated, the demand is high for the services and therefore you can price the land at a higher rate. Another factor that is likely to affect the pricing of the land is the type of lease that is whether rooftop leases which vary with ground leases. One important thing to understand when it comes to the contract is the mode of the payment, monthly or annually, with interest rate or no interest-rate.

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